Friday, June 11, 2010


Happy Friday~!
   I hope everyone is surviving the latest heat wave ok.. I try to do my chores before 10, if possible. This morning I got the yard mowed, walkways - patio- and front porch swept and my garden watered by 10:20:)  In many ways this was a good thing and in others, well.. Suffice it to say it gave me time after my shower to look through the online Pottery Barn catalog.. Yes, I've looked many times before but this particular time the dining rooms caught my eye.  I think it's becuase all the photos either have lots of light bright windows or outdoor settings.
  In my dining area there are no windows or brightness, BUT, as you may have noticed in a prior post, I CAN build a window lol..   Right now I have an oak pedestal table there.. Sometimes I use the 2 french style arm chairs that are painted black and other time I used the 4 white chairs I've had forever, yet they are still in style and their seat covers are easy to change out..
  I'm posting all 9 photos I saved and I thought it would be fun if folks looked through and choose their Favorite and said WHY it was their favorite.. Now - Play Right and just choose 1 .. I know that makes it tougher but as in life we cant have it all and we must make a decision:) so...
  Which Setting, speaks to you and why??
 I finally had to choose  A7 as my very favorite.. I'd leave off the coke crate but the rest of it really appeals to me.  it just says homey and cozy to me which translate to , Welcoming.. Add to that the extra storage below, which I need badly.. I love them all but remember, I had to Decide, something thats not easy for me:)
 I'm always interested to hear your thoughts about things so I'm looking forward to reading which 1 you choose and would love to see why too...

  I have numbered the photos in the bottom left corner....

all samples courtesy of the Pottery Barn online catalog....

As always its wonderful to have you visit me.. I hoped you grabbed a glass of sweet tea on your way in and some cookies too..  Come back anytime~!!!
I hope you and yours have a fun, safe weekend.



  1. A1 and A5 are my favorites....but I really love A6's table, I would have to mix and match these beautiful inspirations. Love them all really!~

  2. HI Sonny,
    I really like A3, love those wicker chairs but
    I think I would like it way better with a white table. Everthing else can stay!! Love, love love those pinky coral roses mixed with the green table linens. It looks casual, comfy yet elegant especially with the patio doors open.
    Definitely would work for me!
    Hope you had a good week hon.
    Have a sweetly blessed weekend, Nellie

  3. A5! I have the bench/chair look going on in my garden right now and I love it!

  4. A6-Would you just look at that view! LOL! I like the table and bench and the comfy chairs! I probably would want a little more color on the chairs and setting but they sure look cozy!

  5. The one that really caught my eye is A 2. I love the different textures being used along with the different stained and painted wood that is used on the chair legs and the white table.. and the mix of the country table with the more modern style chairs... I love the look of freshness of the green and white in the flowers, and the green color on the doors and window trim.. The white table linens and dishes are very attractive looking paired along with the white table. I really love the crystal's hanging off the black chandelier too! It just totally looks like a very warm and inviting room to me where I'd feel very comfortable entertaining or relaxing in.. The view is not too shabby looking either, as I love looking at foliage!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. I like A5 the most. I like the furniture, the bench, the wood and of course I like the outdoor setting....Christine

  7. How fun. I pick A4. That is me to a tee. The banquette with the cushions and pillows and the farm tools on the wall. Just love it.

  8. A-5 would be my choice! I love farmhouse tables and in a soft, cottage white, just gorgeous!
    Neat Post!

  9. I think A4 fits me and my style at this point in my life. I don't know about the chandelier, but overall I would feel comfortable in that setting on a daily basis.

  10. Sonny-I don't know that I would pick any as my actual dining room--I tend to like a more formal look in there, but I LOVE A5. My dining room is not light either. If I ever build, I think I will have a glass house for light! BTW--whick designer is from NC? It is not listed on the biography, so I figure that is not where he currently lives. My mother was from High Point so I have tarheel roots :) Thanks for dropping by!

  11. I think I like A4 best....hard to know....they are all just lovely! Linda

  12. On second is the rush seats on A4 that I like to much. Linda

  13. I so like your choice and I like A-5 also! Love Pottery Barn too! How fun!!! Come say hi :D

  14. Hi Sonny,
    Just wanted to come and say a big sweet thank you
    for the lovely words you left in my comment box today. That was so uplifting and encouraging to me. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with you here in blogland are a blessing and a sweetie!!
    Have a delightful Sunday my friend,

  15. I think I'm the only one who's picking A8. Those chairs look so comfy. And the table is large enough to hold all the steaming bowls of food. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  16. I love A5, the white, the drawers, the bench!!! Great set. I want to paint my kitchen set but alas my husband hates painted furniture. Grrr!

  17. I would appreciate sitting at any of those tables!!

  18. A2 would be my favorite, I love the mix of textures with the wicker, wood, glass and metal, also, the style mix....formal with casual. What's for dinner?

  19. I love all of those sitting areas but I must say A1 is what I guess appeals to me most. Why you may ask? Those are the exact chairs we purchased for our dining room! Well not exact. We purchased the knock offs from Two chairs for just $200 and the quality is just as good.


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