Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me and My Breakfast

 I was supposed to do this post yesterday but since today is tuesday , I reckon I'm on time, sorta:)

 Just a little breakfast for me.. Flaxseed cereal, black coffee, followed by 2  8 oz. glasses of water.
Joining the   Marty Tabletop Party
 I use my black n cream mat , my black n cream polka dot napkin and the pink hydrangea blossoms my neighbor have me early this morning..   Just because I have breakfast alone should'nt mean it cant be pretty.
 I digest better when I eat in nice surrounding, don't You?

 Trust me here- as good as it is that its nice to look at, Flaxseed cereal every morning for a month WILL get you into that slim trim bathing suit you've been wanted to wear for years lol..   Its the Scrub Brush of the Century, my daughter says.   Seriously,  it does a body good... You make it just as you would oatmeal- sweetened or not- fruit or not- cream or not..   However you like your oatmeal- have the flax cereal the same way and for goodness sake- dont forget the 2 8 oz. glasses of water within an hour after eating..

 If this is your first time eating it-- may I suggest you NOT get more than 50 yards from a potty..   After a few days that will stop and you can go on about your usual business..
Enjoy:) and do come back in a week and tell me how much weight you lost cause I KNOW you are going to loose..  Not a doubt in my mind about that..

 Thanks for visiting me and Ya'll come back now, Ya Hear~!


  1. My youngest swears by Flaxseed and is thin as a rail - I have added it to a few things but haven't tried it quite up front and personal like this yet.

    I know I need to.

    I know I need to lose a lot of weight - hopefully will be trying soon and let you know, too that it has been successful!

    And yes, even alone we need to beautify our surroundings, I agree!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Sonny, what a cute post! Love the black and white table setting. I've heard wonderful things about flaxseed. I may have to try this!!

  3. Very pretty Sonny!! May have to try that flaxseed soon before vacation!!

  4. I need to know more about this Flaxseed! Love your dishes too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Your table looks so pretty and inviting! I may just try the flaxseed...I need all the help I can get! Thanks, Sonny!


  6. I LOVE this post and Thank you for the tip. I added the cereal to my grocery list. I need EXTRA FIBER so I know this is going to help!
    Doesn't everything thing taste better in pretty things?
    I am SO ANXIOUS to try this!!!
    Big SUPER THANKFUL Hugs to you,

  7. We are leaving for ther Outer Banks in 4 weeks and I do need to lose some weight BUT, that flaxsees looks just like what I pour down the drain for the septic tank maintenance, LOL!!!!! BUT, it sounds like it works so I will try to do it and report back. Thanks for the TIP too:):) XO, Pinky

  8. I eat flax every single morning of my life. I can't live without it. Love the stuff on cereal.I mix a bran cereal with just a smidgen of sweet cereal like HB of Oats, then top with flax and walnuts, berries and skim milk. Wow, Holy cow just writing this makes me sound like a little piggly wiggly but that's truly my power breakfast.

  9. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to set a pretty table for one, Sonny. Love the black and white.

  10. Ummmm...I actually have some of that cereal sitting in my pantry and haven't used it yet. Hmmmm...dare I try it...and if so...when?;>) xo Diana

  11. Havn't heard of this before. I need to give it a try. Your table looks amazing. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Sonny,

    First of all, I drool your dishes and regarding flaxseeds? oh yeah! Potty, indeed, §:-)

    I mix it with cereal too or mix in oatmeal. I then do my detoxing.59kgs to 50= 9 kgs for 2 months, can't complain. 2 kgs more b4 midsummer. Yahooooo...

    TY for sharing,


  13. Pretty! I have never had that. How does it taste like? And where do you get it?...Christine

  14. Beautiful setting for your breakfast. Actually that is just how I picture you eating your meals.
    We want go in about how I do mine.
    I am scared to try this since I might not be safe away from a potty. hahaha

  15. Your setting for one is lovely! Love the black and white! I eat ground flax seed sprinkled in fruit shakes and over yogurt or oatmeal, but have never tried it as cereal. Going to have to try this! :-)

  16. OH my! I had no idea you could just eat the stuff straight. Is that what you do? How much? How often? How many pounds have you lost?

    BTW-Your table looks great!

  17. Looking forward to your progress. Flax seed oil is also very yummy. You can add it to smoothies. :)


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