Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seaside Style Rooms and DebbieDoo's Copy Cat Party

 Happy Saturday  Sweet Cheeks of Blogland. :)

 Its another beautiful day in my neighborhood , which I dearly love BUT I seem to be dreaming of the all things SEA lately... Country Living:: all photos courtesy of them:: sent me an email and upon opening it, what to my thrilled eyes did appear??  Seaside Style rooms.. Yes indeedy do they did.
I have to share them with you as well as my thought about each photo.. WHY you ask- cause I'm just chatty that way  .. giggle
OH YEA.  when you get to the bottom of this post I hope you'll comment and in your comment I'd love YOUR GUESS as to which one of these I'll be doing for DebbieDoo's Copy Cat Party on May 30th.. that link to find out all about it is also at the bottom...

 so here we go.....   

 I think a bag like this would look great hanging from a hook on the side of my desk..  Pretty and extra storage too.... 

 I have 2 bookcases to paint and I plan to sit one on each side of the fireplace in my living room..  Painting the backs a similar color to this sample photo seems like a good idea.. Of course then I'd have to paint something else in the room that color too and maybe change out my sofa pillows and use a more summer tone rug under my huge ottoman..     Dont ya just love this thinking out loud..  :)

 I just happen to have a blank wall on one side of my patio..  Seeing this sample made me wonder why I've never thought of hanging stuff on it.    Makes sense right?  Looks good, I think I'll do it..

 I have white cabinets and dark counter tops.  If I added some of these elements I too could have a sorta seaside style kitchen for the summer...    Gonna give this idea some more thought..

 This is a mighty pretty set up but my eye mostly goes to that beautiful sailboat and those Lamps.. I seriously love those lamps ..   I wonder if I could make them,, hmmmm..  I do have shades that very shape and size .

I could make some seaside pillows like these IF I had a stencil ... so many idea, so little time. sigh

Ok I know this isnt a room but sheesh, $90.00 for this dress...  totally straight sewing- max 2 yards of fabric.. I'm thinkin I could easy make this in about an hour and for $8.00..Yes I see the cutie little rope belt tie thingie but I could use a  thick white shoe string lol.. It even has those closures on the ends..
 sometimes I THINK real good and other times, not so much....

 Lets see.. For the one below I'd have to hit 3 or 4 goodwill stores till I could find enough jugs to spray paint== kinda like Debbie sprayed her Mason Jars.. then stripe some and polka dot some. Run by hancock fabric and grab a few different blue and white fabrics.   and viola:)  easy peasy  and pretty cheap too.

I wow. How my double Pisces son would have loved this room when he lived at home.. I think I'll send him this photo as inspiration and then just pray his fiance doesnt call me screaming  LOL

 Some old books with Sea in the title..  Cheapo square mirror from somewhere. Cut out a large circle of foam core- glue to the mirror and hot glue shells..      Finding a metal sailboat might present a problem , but yea if it was too easy , it wouldnt be as much fun..  If I could fins a small sailboat, I could spray it with pewter spray paint.. Then it would looks like metal without me spending lots of money.....
 The sailboat search begins this afternoon....  keep your fingers crossed for me. Please..
 Now again,, ifin your willin'        Tell me in your comment  which of these samples you think I'll be copying..
   I'll list the names of all those who got it right in the actual post to Debbie's Party..

Hope to see ya'll there.. Its so much fun and dont worry about not doing an exact copy. We all wanna see your creative take on an image..   You'll be amazed at all there is to see posted by others..  Makes me smile just think in about it.  so click the link below and find out all about it. 
DebbieDoo Copy Cat Party ~May 31st

Happy Memorial Day
hugs and Love and all good things to One and All


  1. Hi Sonny! OH, these are great snaps. Now my tiny head has been filled with allergy headaches so I'll pass on the guessing but I know which one you pick - it'll be a winner!
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Sonny, so fun, great pics. Now there are so many that I think you can do, but I am thinking the kitchen or the shell mirror and silver boat. Can't wait to see. Hugs, Marty

  3. Sonny, All your photos are so neat. I absolutely loved the potting area. I will be doing that along side our shed. Smiles, Susie

  4. Morning Sonny,
    Loved all the pictures...but loved the very first one with the shelves
    painted that lovely blue, my fav color right now by the way. Also loved the pic of the white kitchen
    and bar stools, and the one with the sofa and pretty pillows and blue pottery behind it on the window sill.
    think you might be gonna do the last picture with the sailboat, if you can find one!! lol

    Thanks for the fun post,
    Blessings for a nice weekend,

  5. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so you have twitter or FB to follow you with??

    If you want some décor inspiration from Sweden, check out my blog:)

    Have an awesome weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

  6. Love all of the beachy things! I think you are going to do the painted jugs and pillows. :-)

  7. You seem to really like those lamps. I have a love affair with lamps, so I'll pick that. But I LOVE the kitchen too.

  8. I think you are making the lamps!AND the bag on the doorknob! Everything is great though. AND I love the dress, about the rope thingy in the front, you can go to homedepot and get clothesline rope! I would also after tying the rope bow attach a seashell to each end...I USED to (((LOVE))) the old sailor dresses and blouses. I wish they would come back!
    Have a fun weekend,

  9. I think it is the bag on the doorknob! Just my guess!

  10. Sonny- I loved this whole post. There are SOOO many ideas here. I love the nautical look, too. Our last house was on Lake Michigan and I had the whole house nautical...but have toned it down a bit here. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Debbie's party- xo Diana

  11. Well, you've got lots of choices to copy here, Sonny! I'm going to guess the bag, although I hope you can find a boat that you can spray with a metal look ~ that would look cool. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! : )

  12. I love all the pictures but especially the one with the blue pillows and vases. The dress is cute too. You should make one for me, just for practice of course :)

  13. I'm guessing the spray painted jugs. (Does that sound wrong?) Anyway I love the storage bag at the top. I have a problem area in my kitchen where I keep some open clutter that is needed for instant access. I'm going to find me a bag like that to keep the things in and get rid of the annoying shelf I have this stuff on now.

  14. seaside kitchen I think, maybe,,I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words on my blog today, thankyou so much,

  15. hmmm, I'd say the last photo. :))
    Happy creating.

  16. I think you will either do, the books, or the outdoor one. Not sure, but you are so creative you will make it awesome whatever you copy! See you Wednesday night!

  17. Sonny,
    So many wonderful copy cat ideas! Look forward to seeing what you decide!
    dee dee

  18. Sonny, I'm thinking you'll make that dress! It does look adorable! Wish I had paid more attention to my mother when she was trying to teach me to sew! Can't wait to see that dress!:) Helen

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