Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Inspiration 2

 I see these photos and just have to share them with all of you.  From what I can tell  many many of us are in LOVE with Fall , so the more ideas and inspiration we get, the better..

I'm fairly certain these was done with some sort of burning tool, but I also think you could stencil whatever design you liked on them in a contrasting color.  
I am more of a neutral Gal , so these are right up my alley..  love the subtle tones of these as well as the designs used...
Simple and slightly rustic, to my eyes anyway..  I can see this tablescape being done in several of my friends homes.. It would suit their decor style perfectly..
Again, this is more Me and I will most likely try doing a version of it on my sofa table in the living room.
  When I do these white pumpkins I'll also be sharing how I make my own version of  chalk paint:)  I used it on my headboard- nitestands and wardrobe in the bedroom.I still have to get some dark wax and get that part done but I LOVE IT  . Also need to finish my fall bedding, so I can show it off, too..  so much I want to do and so little time- sheesh.. 
I have 2 terrific custom built window boxes.. Too bad I never seem to get out there and decorate them ..
Maybe this will be the fall I get it done, cause I sure would love for them to look anywhere close to this beautiful sample photo...
OK, no more excuses.. Surely, I am crafty enough to paint plain stripes on a pumpkin-- Right??    giggle
Last but definately not least... oh what a dream come true to have some version of  this on my front porch.. 
 Maybe some hot cider in a large thermas and pumpkin muffins in a basket.. Wave at the neighbors to come on over and sit a spell, grab some refreshments and tell their favorite childhood story of Fall.. 
 yep , yep, I think thats just what I'll do one of these evenings after it start getting cool at night in NC.
  You are ALL welcome to stop in too.. I'd love to have you for a visit and a chat.
 Thanks for visiting..   I love your company and look forward to it bunches..
Please go visit these parties~ they have many folks posting lots of creative items and Eye candy of all kinds.
Just a warning though, once you get there, its addictive and you wont want to leave, or at least I dont.:)

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  1. Morning, Sonny! Oh, what cute pumpkins! I wish we could use 'real' pumpkins around here but it stays so hot so long - they rot! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. My favorite is the stripes. I had that same thought....surely I could paint stripes on a pumpkin, lol. My dollar store pumpkins would not be the biggest loss if I fail :) May I Pin that photo?

  3. aww gosh Sheila.. I understand about the rottening issue. We often have warm falls in NC too and the artificial pumpkins work best here too.
    Marla, pin away sweetie- whats mine is yours to PIN:)

  4. There is so much cute inspiration out here Sonny, I just never know where to end!

  5. The window box is adorable and I love the welcoming porch:@)

  6. Hi Sonny............
    Loved all the great ideas, I especially liked the one from a couple of post back, with the clear container with the corn and green things, maybe
    they were sycamore balls or something. I am looking for a container to do that with, cause I love the way it looks.
    So how are you girly??? Doing well, I hope.
    blessings, Nellie

  7. I wish I had the talent to really decorate a pumpkin...but it still feels like I'm 5 years old with the tools!! These are SO cute, Sonny!!


  8. I am going to do some stripes if it harelips the governor. I LOVE those..
    Actually, I love the white pumpkins with a passion. THIS is what I am going to do my dining room mantel with...whites.! Thanks, sweetie, for the inspiration.
    xo bj

  9. All the pumpkins are very cool but using carved house number is beyond cool. I always favor the pretty and practical together:)

  10. Oh Sonny, your pictures are so inspirational. They are making me excited for fall....Christine

  11. Sonny, Thanks for stopping by our blog and the nice comment. You have so many inspirational ideas for pumpkins.

  12. Sonny, I am with you on the white ones. I love them. I bought a few at Michaels the other day, now I just have to decide what to do with them. There are two many great ideas out there.

  13. We order a pumpkin from our greengrocer for Halloween and we keep it out for a day or two and then it has to be sadly thrown away. It is just too hot here to have one out for long :(

    Thanks for popping by today. It was so lovely to read your comment.

    Best wishes,

  14. I love love love this!!! I am a fan of pumpkins and fall decorations this time of year. We usually carve one but I got some great ideas today.

    By the way, thank you so much for your kind comment today. It meant a lot to me.

  15. Can't wait to see what pumpkin cuties you create.


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