Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lil Fall for Ya'll

  We were under a tornado watch all day..so of course, I cleaned to keep my mind off of it . Does anyone else do that?   If I'm nervous or worried, I CLEAN.  I have to admit it does help me a lot.

 I have a folder full of fall and just wanted to share some of it with you.. Todays high was only 74 and right now its 67 so Sonny is a Happy Cool girl :)

 I can almost smell pumpkin pie in the air right now..  Luckily the SMELL has no calories ..I'm on the search for a pumpkin muffin recipe that includes flaxseed::  ugg, there's that Fiber subject again. I have noticed that flaxseed does help my life go more- dare I say- Smoothly:)
ok, nuff about that.. lets look at some fall.
Not sure where I saved these from so if they are yours , please know my deep admiration caused me to save the photo...
 this is a pie plate stand and a chadalier globe turned upside down to hold a candle.. is this genius and beautiful or what~!  love it and wanna do one of these.. soooooooo pretty.
This one reminds me I need to go to my favorite little craft store in salisbury nc and look at their new fall ribbon.
Saved this one because I just happened to have scored 2 of those huge glass hurricanes for only 5 bucks each... yeaaaaaaaaaaa
 I love the idea of the walnut napkin ring but I'll be leaving off the spider decor ..
 This is my all time favorite .. Ralph Laren I believe..  umm  maybe I need to paint my door black too:)
I'll save the rest for another week or so..  I hope you enjoyed seeing this fall inspiration as much as I enjoyed showing it to you..

see ya at the party~!

Kim ~Savvy Southern Style ~ Wow Us Wednesday


  1. Yum! Loved that last pic too. Fall is my face face tome of the year. I am pulling out all my boxes this weekend, I've waited long enough. :) Thanks for sharing the inspirational pics.

  2. Anytime I'm nervous or stressed I clean because I can't sit still. I do get a lot done on bad days!! I love seeing all the fall stuff...we are cool here too, love it!

  3. I love all of the Fall ideas! And yes..I CLEAN! It get busy and work like crazy to get my mind off of it...and to get things in order! ♥

  4. When we have tornado warnings, I usually cower somewhere!! I'll have to follow your example and get things done!!

    Love the upside down chandelier shade as a little cloche...great idea. I feel fall in the air!!


  5. Fall, my favorite time of year! Thank you for the inspiration pics. I love the cozy seating in front of the fireplace. Think I'll get mine ready this weekend.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration. I am so ready to decorate for fall.

  7. Lots of great ideas. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting me.

  8. Love the Ralph Lauren photo, too, but they're all pretty. Will have to find out a/b that craft store in Sals. I'm 30 mins from there. I didn't like being under a tornado warning all day either. That earthquake was enough for me for a long while!

  9. p.s. Don't know if you're ever in Mooresville or not, but a new antique mall is now on Hwy 150 behind the McDonald's, across from the ABC store, called LKN Antiques, if you need another shopping place! ;o)

  10. I cleaned and organized all day today too! It POURED rain all day and the HIGH was 61 so a great day to work inside! I love your pics especially the large vases filled in layers, have to steal that one:):) XO, Pinky

  11. My favorite pic is the very last Ralph Lauren shot. Cool and stylish....there's me in my dreamy mind now :)

    Sonny, it's ok to talk about flax. I've been hooked for many, many years. Here in Oregon everyone I know eats it. My neighbor puts it on popcorn and loves it that way.

  12. Thanks for the Autumn inspirations. The table for two is wonderful! Cherry Kay

  13. Thank you for the ideas....I'm ready!
    Bring on the pumpkins, orange leaves, and apple cider!!!
    Blessings to you!!!

  14. All are such lovely, inspiration ideas. I'm ready, bring in Fall!

    I would be so pleased if you would bring one of your projects or posts to my Potpourri Friday Party this week. Link-up starts on Thursday afternoon. Without a doubt, your participation will help make the party better!

  15. Hi Sonny,
    Loved all the Fall inspiration, cause I am just about to go did mine Fall stuff out and get
    decorating! Am so excited for the change.....
    and really wish it could be a change of weather too, altho think the mornings are starting to cool off just a wee bit......not enought tho, but maybe soon!! I sure hope so.

    So how are you girly?? things going well, and hope are things with your daughters job??

    So happy for you that you could stay in N.C.
    where you feel so at home.

    Have a lovely day hon,
    blessings, Nellie

  16. Hi Sonny...

    Just read your sweet note, my friend and wanted to come over to say thank you for your visit! I'm sooo glad that I came by...I have been searching for autumn decor inspiration! All of these beautiful vignettes are lovely! Ooooh...can't wait to see what you do with your the new hurricanes that you found! Love what the designer did with them in the photo...love that layered, dried corn, etc.! Sooo pretty!

    Well dear friend, thanks so much for sharing these beautiful autumn designs with us and thanks for coming by today!

    Love ya,

  17. Such pretty ideas -- I pinned several to my Fall Decorations board!

  18. Great inspiration photos...I can't wait for fall!

  19. These feelings of Fall in the air are definitely cause for rejoicing. Loved you post though a small portion was perhaps TMI:)

  20. Hi Sonny,
    Beautiful pics!! I love the spider napkin ring. I also love Ralph Lauren. I always wanted a black front door but, it is still white. Ha! Happy fall!

  21. Thanks for sharing these photos with us-lots of inspiration here!

  22. Thanks for the inspiration, Sonny! I especially like the pieces of corn being used as filler in the hurricane lamps.

  23. Sonny, I'm laughing over the flaxseed makes my life go smoother! You are so cute. I enjoyed your inspiration photos, and I can't believe you got two of those wonderful hurricanes for $5 each! What a deal. Can't wait to see how you use them for your Fall decor. And oh, I want to move into that R.L. room. Thanks for inspiring me. Maybe I'll start getting out the Fall decor this weekend. laurie

  24. Hi Sonny,
    I'm love your fall decor! I want to paint my door black too. My daughter objects. LOL I am in your book club. I came over to check out your blog. I love it. I'm staying. LOL
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff


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