Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blue Baby Blue

This morning I was looking around at sites I dont often visit.   I usually check out Pottery Barn and Ballards if I'm looking for something-- for instance-- cleaning out my entire Living Rooms- and redoing it.

Playing at Susan's Party HERE 

  I doubt I would do this style or color in my home as I am still stuck on black white taupe and apple green. Those were my colors when so many folks went WHITE and now I notice the Big Sellers-- mentioned above:) are starting to advertise lots of Color..  Dontcha love how they manipulate the market.?  Sell everyone on white and neutral and when they've made a fortune off that - go back to dark wood and color and make another gazillion in profit.. 

anywhooooooooooooo..  I was at Ralph Lauren early this morning and I thought I'd share one of the collections they have this year.... I dont think Blue and White goes in and out of favor. Folks who love it-- LOVE IT all the time.
now I'll hush and you can enjoy the photos...

Thanks for visiting me... Ya know I love having you here...
Happy Thursday.


  1. These are such soft and calming blues, aren't they? I think blue and white will definitely always be around. I myself am into a mix of color so am looking forward to seeing more color in retail. Pretty photos!

  2. These blues are so pretty, Sonny! I love them with the white.

  3. Hi Sonny, I have a weird relationship with blues myself. Love it all, just rarely decorate with it. It's a soothing color and very beautiful. Thanks for the views of blue! Helen

  4. I like using color in our homes. In the end, we should do what pleases us and not let ourselves be swayed by marketing.:-)

    These blue and white images are gorgeous!

  5. OH how I could get use to living like this. lol
    Have a great day

  6. Oh my gosh.....yes I am one of those that love the light blue and white. Isn't that lovely.

    I look longingly at the window treatments, we have a 5 partition bay window in the kitchen, and I am at a loss as to window covering that will work.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams.

  7. I absolutely agree with your idea about selling us on white and now they decide to sell us on colors! The RL photos are gorgeous and I am glad you are sharing them with us. The blue and white transferware is one of my favorites and I love the silverware used with it.


  8. Love that color is coming back.. I never went white! Ralph's tables just rock.. thanks for sharing. xo marlis

  9. I love each and every photo! That is so funny that you posted this particular subject cuz I was just on my Pinterest Linen Lover board - wishing and dreaming and the one bedroom that jumped out at me today is blue and red. The blues are soft, life a washed denim or baby and I was wondering how to get that look.

    I love the white that has been so popular lately but sure can't have too much of it in my home. We "live" in our house with dirt, food, dog, and don't even get me started on grandkids dirt :) so heavily used home stuff is better off darker.

  10. Oh I love your colors Sonny, so perfect. I love the pretty blue and white you are showing too. Funny how pretty I think it is, yet it is just not me. Strange. Hugs, Marty

  11. oh sonny!1 how gorgeous!
    am a huge fan of RL !
    blues and whites are my styles and colors..
    your beautiful photos simply brightened my day to no end!
    thanks for sharing!!

  12. I am obsessed with those dishes.. So pretty. Thanks for sharing all the other beautiful pictures

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    This time of year light blue and white are so refreshing. Love it.
    God bless,
    d on the kansas prairie

  14. Sonny, these are such pretty images! I love most everything that Ralph Lauren does! I noticed, too, that when my Pottery Barn catalog came, that it was FULL of color! Loved it!

  15. I never realized how much I love blue and white, especially in these soft shades. Ralph Lauren has always been a favorite of mine but he often uses navy and has a nautical style. Thanks for sharing these great photos!


  16. Blue and white, always a classic and always my favorite.....very little white in my home definitely a person of color!!!

  17. I am and have always been very much a blue and white lover. Any shade of blue will do!

  18. blue is such a relaxing color! love it in a bedroom

  19. Sonny, You are so right about how they tell us to decorate. I have noticed that B.H.&G. has the same colors form the 70 ..back in style. I think blue/white looks clean and will always be in my house is more neutral:):) Smiles to you,Susie

  20. Blue is such a calming color and I just love the crispness of blue and white together. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. We live with a lot of blue here so I find these images yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Yep, that sounds abut right. You gotta make everyone believe they are out of style so they will spend more $ to be back "in style" until it changes again a few years later. Gotta love it. These are beautiful pics. xxoo

  23. Love your pics! I'm a blue and white fan. Such cool, crisp and tranquil colors - what's not to love about that?

  24. Very clean colors. I know the dog is just there for a moment to have the picture taken then it's back outside immediately.

  25. Beautiful blue and white inspiration. Perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing, liz


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