Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roosters on the Floor

 To all those who complimented my former template , I want to say THANK YOU.. I have it saved in case I change my mind again, but I missed my big pictures  and the only way I can have them is to use the minama stretch..
Roosters on the Floor
Roosters on the Floor
Whatcha doin' there with them
Roosters on the Floor.. 
::if your wondering why I typed that~google the utube song, Pants on the Ground:: but I'm warning you that song will be stuck in your head for days..

I wanted to show ya'll one of my newest Favorites.. I know I should wait till the other two arrive and are down so I could show those too but I have no patience and I would have missed Laurie’s Favorite Things Saturday.   Please go visit her and see all the folks who have also linked to her Saturdays Favorites Party...
I'm adding myself to  the Sunday Party hosted by Chari at
Happy to Design

 Heres Mr. RooDreams a little closer.
I put this rug out in the family room where I have a few of my roosters displayed on a table. 

 I have 2 more rooster rugs on the way.:) One for my kitchen and one for the breakfast area~ or am I supposed to call that the morning room? I get so confuzzled with which room to call what , lol.. I don't know how it works at everyone else's home but here's its morning in all the rooms at once. I've tried to get up real early and catch one of the rooms grabbing Morning before the others, so I know which one the morning room is~ but alas its just too dang quick for me and all the rooms get morning in a blink.. sneaky aint they... rolf 
  I'm just teasin, I know its where one spends their morning but the name Morning Room makes me giggle anyway...
 Maybe someone will have a Rooster Party soon and I can get all my roosters on the same post...I'd do it but I am uncertain how to use mr. linky..
hugs and happy thoughts to ((ALL))


  1. I love all your roosters! You have quite a collection.

    Your blog looks lovely-I love big pictures too!

    Best wishes for a beautiful weekend,

  2. Oh so pretty Sonny!! I love the colors and, of course, the roosters!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Sonny, I love this rug. The colors are great. I want a morning room!

  4. Gorgeous Rug Sonny. The colors are great and it goes so well in your lovely home. Sonny I prefer the larger pictures myself, I feel like I am really getting a feel the space, the item, etc......Your blog still looks pretty!

  5. morning sonny, love your new rug! know you'll be excited the have the other 2 home. like your templete too! have a great day!

    weather could get bad today so take care!

  6. They are so colorful. I love the rugs and your ceramic roosters.

  7. You are so funny. Love your roosters. I have quite a collection too. The rug is wonderful. I am with you, don't know the right name, just whatever. Hugs, Marty

  8. What a pretty rug, Sonny! Love the florals and the roosters in the corners, too!

  9. Morning Sonny,
    Love your Rooster rug, it is so pretty. I saw one years back in a store we did not have around here, (we were traveling), and it was so neat, and the colors so vivid and pretty but I wasn't quite sure how it would look so didn't get it, and I have been kicking myself ever since!! lol
    All your Rooster look pretty on your table there as well. I have a friend who had lots of Rooster and she had a country french look, and to tell you the truth I really wasn't into roosters than much, but they grew on me over time as I went to her house, and now I have a few but mine are all white. I may put them on
    a White Weds. post soon. I love em now!! lol
    Isn't that funny how things grow on you over time. I am usually one of those people that start liking the style of clothing just as it
    is going out of style cause it finally grew on me, and then I can't find it anymore!! lol
    Enjoy those new rugs, and make sure you give us a peek once you get them down in your morning room!! lol
    Have a great weekend hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  10. Oh yea, this header picture is lovely too!!

  11. Good Morning Sonny~

    I love your rooster rug!! The colors are very beautiful! I really like your roosters too! I enjoy collecting roosters myself too! There are alot of gorgeous one's all around out there! Please do share those other two rooster rugs with us when the arrive at your home..

    Have a great weekend!


  12. Oh Sonny, that rug is a beauty! It would certainly be one of my favorite things at my house too! Can't wait to see the other two. I am laughing out loud about the "morning room". You are so fun! I'm so confused by all of these changes in room names (I think realtors have made these names up). What the heck is a "keeping room" and why is the den now a "great room"? I sure wish I had the time to spend my mornings in one room in the house! Thank you so much for linking to Favorite Things Sat. You gave us beauty to see and commentary to laugh over! Can't get better than that. laurie

  13. Waking up to "Roosters on the Floor" made my mind go in a very caffeine low direction. I envisioned roosters running around your kitchen :) Girl, just give me some coffee, lol.

    That rug is adorable. I'm seeing a lot of roosters in the stores but never on a rug. Love that touch.

  14. Love the rooster rug! I have two I purchased almost three years ago at Target and now the one is a little loved. I am sooo hoping they will decided to revisit the rooster theme. I need a new one!

  15. What a beautiful rooster rug you have, Sonny! You have a fabulous rooster collection too....Christine

  16. That is a beautiful rug, I just love hooked rugs they are so pretty! Very sweet roosters on this one, if rooster can be sweet! LOL!
    Your still looks great to me! I like the seeing the larger pictures too!

  17. Beautiful rug. You know before I started blogging I didn't have a rooster in my home! Now, I have several....can't wait to see the rest of yours!

  18. I'm with you on the big pictures. This is the first time I've visited your blog, so I'm not sure what your template looked like before, but I do like this one. Easy to read, and the big pictures just make it.

    I created my own template a while back so that I could have bigger pictures and still have a border on the sides of my blog.

    And I love your roosters. I have so many in my house that my husband once told me, "No more farm animals."

  19. Your rooster rug is wonderful! I also love the ones on your side table. I have a wire rooster and I am dying to put it into a tablescape. But each week I pass over it. I think I am getting close to using it. I just need the perfect table cloth to set it all off. Haven't found that yet. Gives me something to search for.

  20. I love the rooster rug and all of your rooster. They are great to decorate with because they are so colorful.

    Barb at Bella Vista is having a Rooster Party again this summer. I will let you know when. It was a blast!


  21. Can't have too many roosters! They are a Southern thing. I saw many rosters yesterday with my friend Valerie @ Snap Peas as we went on a Friday adventure. Enjoy your weekend!

  22. As soon as I saw Roosters on the floor I thought of that dumb song! LOL..Your rug is gorgeous..
    Great rooster collection!

  23. You have such a lovely rooster collection! Mr Linky's can't be that hard... go for it girl! I think you will find a lot of folks in blogland who share your delight in all things rooster and chicken. (Talk to Laurie or one of the other gals who hosts, and ask them how they did it.)

  24. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my petunias. I've put in a few pots in the front yard with other flowers but I am limited. Seems the front yard tree flowers, planted around the bases and looking so lovely, made our local deer think I'm a gracious hostess for their snacking pleasure :)

    I wanted to let you know I thought about you yesterday while treasure hunting. For Woo Hoo! Wednesday I will be serving snacks each week and I've been going into creative overload with ideas. While out and about I thought "What would Sonny arrange?" Trayscapes are much harder to put together than they look but I will be a good hostess and serve snacks every week. Don't be surprised if one day all you see is a bag of Fritos and two diet cokes :)

  25. I love your Roosters Sonny; from carpets to decoration, they're all just fabulous!~ I especially love the sprightly colors of all of your Roosters;just wonderful!..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  26. Sonny, I have had a love affair with all things rooster for a long time. I use to have a lot more than I do now. I love your new rug. Can't wait to see your other ones. Your new header is great! I prefer larger pics, too.

  27. Hi Sonny...

    My friend, I was just elated to have you join in with the fun of the Sunday Favorites "One Year" birthday celebration this weekend! Welcome!!! What a great post to share for Sunday Favorites! I love, love, LOVE your new rooster rug!!! It's gorgeous, Darlin'! Oooh...and to think that you have two more on the way...lucky lady! The rug looks fabulous with all of your pretty rooster decor! You are such a creative and talented lady! I love your beautiful home!!! Thank you so much for sharing your new pretties with us for Sunday Favorites, my friend!

    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet notes and well wishes...also for adding the giveaway button to your sidebar...I sure do appreciate that!

    Have a wonderful day and best wishes with the gift card giveaway!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  28. Hi Sonny! Oh, I love love love your Rooster rug! I do love me some yard birds. I don't think you can ever have too many! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Gorgeous rug! I know there are some envious folks in Blogland who'd love to have that! Your rooster vignette in the family room is so appealing -- very good mix of items, and I especially love the ribbon-wrapped votives on the rectangular plate/tray. The perfect finishing touch! Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments!

  30. ooo, I am lovin' your new rug.
    We had a Rooster Parade about 3 years ago that was so so so much fun. Beverly that hosts PINK SAT. had the parade and I've never, in my entire life, seen so many beautiful and FUN roosters in my life. If you decide to have one, please let me know.
    hugs, bj

  31. Loving your roosters. Be blessed. Cindy

  32. Oh how funny! I have two of these rugs that were delivered today. Identical. Don't you just love them!! A girl can never have enough roosters :0)

  33. I am the one from HGTV board who asked about your patio furniture. I wanted you to know I followed your reccommendation and bought the bistro set and chaise as well as two stackable chairs in this line for our new screened room. Love it! Thanks (Maybe nest year I can get the ottamans)


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