Thursday, September 13, 2012

Williams Sonoma art Knock Off

 I got a email from Williams Sonoma and the first thing to catch my eye was their art work section.

 I do love their items and have bought several things from them in the last few years but nothing close to an item of this price.   I had to look twice to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me.. Have Mercy- as my Nana would have said...
    I really liked it , I wanted it for my new living room redo and it would go so well in the style I have chosen.
What style is that you ask? Its "California Country Ecclectic Potterybarnish Sonny Sonoma"
 Try saying  that 5 times fast:)
 I had a large frame in my stash from a yard sale..bout $2.50 as best I remember.  I had some script wrapping paper from ballards  .  If I put those 2 together would I too have a WS Farm log- well no, but I'd have script in a frame for about $3.00 total and I knew it would make me smile. So I did it and I was wrong about just smiling..  I was Grinnin' like a Goon the minute I hung it and every time I've walked by it since.

 sorry- no way I took it, could I get the room to stop reflecting in the glass.

 My neighbor came over on tuesday for an ice coffee , she looked, she grinned, she wants one for her living room..  I told her if she finds a frame , I'll fix her right up. Its her birthday in 3 weeks, so she needs to hurry up and find that frame..joining in the party below--
Feathered Nest Friday Party
fabulously creative friday party 
Classy Clutter Saturday Spotlight Party 
Thanks for visiting me and my new art..   Maybe in 1 more week I can have this room done and give ya'll a tour of it.. I Hope..
hugs and happy thoughts..


  1. This looks fabulous. You are so smart, I am with you, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, that price is totally unreal. What are they thinking? Yours looks amazing. Hugs, Marty P.S. Love the name of your style. lol

  2. LOVE it, Sonny! I think it looks better than the WS one. Such a great size, too. I almost choked at that price they have! You can't beat your price! I had no idea Ballard's had that paper. Then again, I've been trying not to look at the catalogs coming in. I'm trying to be good!

  3. Love that piece of art! Don't you just feel that giddy heart race when you have beauty accomplished without spending a fortune. I love your style definition. Insert Marla and that's exactly what I like. I used to say Potterybarnesque but I've evolved to let all the expensive stores into my dreams.

  4. I love it and how smart are you!!

  5. the look for less...A LOT less :) smile away...

  6. Oh, Sonny, you are so smart! I can't believe what WS is charging for this! I love what you have done and can see why your mom wants one, too! Wonderful job!


  7. Goodness gracious, Sonny, and I thought their kitchen items were expensive! Yikes!

    I think your knockoff picture is great; that was clever thinking on your part. I'm still wondering who pays these kind of prices. :)



  8. And did you tell your neighbor you would only charge her $ll95.00?

  9. WOW! Is all I can say about the price on it, I wonder if they sale
    That is one great idea Sonny, I'll have to be on the lookout for some script wrapping paper!

  10. Sonny, I must have been on vacation when you posted this! LOL!!! I'm grinning right along with you! You nailed this, at a fraction of the cost!!! I had to laugh at the price of the original!!

  11. I have two rolls of that paper and I just love it! I decoupaged it to the top of a French dresser that was damaged and it came out just great! This was a great idea...what a good copycat!

  12. I love it! I don't have as large a frame and the glass in the one I do have was busted out when it accidentally slid off my mantle, but you gave me a fabulous idea! I'm going to enlarge (I was going to say blow up but maybe someone would think I'm a terrorist or something) some print-outs I have from of my ancestors' birth/baptism and marriage records in French and slap them together somehow or other. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Wonderful!

  13. I love it! Looks great! I would never put down $1000 for a picture! No way, Jose! You did a right thing - DIY! ;)


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