Monday, July 30, 2012

Glass Lamp ala Sonny, more Pics

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I have been in LOVE with clear glass lamps forever..
 I've commented on everyone thats been posted in blogland and admitted how jealous I was that Ya'll had them and I didnt..
 I searched the web 2 or 3 times a week, hoping to find the kind I liked on sale-- to no avail-- sad face....

 I needed some vitamins and had to go to a health store across town for the specific ones I wanted.. Got there are 9, they didnt open till 10..  I was headed toward Hardee's for breakfast when in the distance I was a Goodwill sign..  Ya know the sight of a new to me Goodwill did away with my appetite immediatly and my little car made a beeline for GW and in I went.    Looked around a bit, didnt find anything until I looked up and THERE it was.. A GLASS LAMP-- I was stunned and for a minute I thought I was halucinating~!
 I walked over, picked it up, $5.00   yes thats what I said Five Dollars..  I wanted it even if it had to be rewired-- luckily it didnt- plugged it in and it worked perfect and it took up to 100 watt bulb..

 Heaven, I'm in Heaven and my heart beat's so that I could hardly speeeeeeeeeeeeeeak..  That was me singing , in case ya didnt recognize it , LOL..

 They gave me the dirt and fingerprints for free . Then I spied a box of GREAT shells for only 1.00..  This was so exciting I almost forgot to go back and get my vitamins.. Trust me folks- thats Excitement Personified ..

here it is on my bedroom chest all clean and full of shells.. even has a shell motiff on the base.
updating with a daylight pic.. sorry the other is so fuzzy

Here's the one I found online last month and Almost bought...  yikes YIKES
This is what it looked like when I got home with it..see what I meant about the dirt n fingerprints:)
also the basket of shells and the Clock-- which I also redid and will show in a different post..
all these bargains set me back 7.50  wooooooooohoooooooooo

I'm still playing around with the accessories on the chest but I am super thrilled to have my lamp for a total of $6.00  shells and all...   I might even be willing to spring for one of those pottery barn rattan shades since I got such a great deal on the lamp....
Thanks for stopping in to see my transformation.
hugs and happys to all of YOU..

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  1. I'm so glad you found your glass lamp, Sonny! It looks wonderful. It's a happy feeling when there's something you want and you find it unexpectedly. Even better at a thrift store, where the price can't be beat!

  2. What a wonderful find! It looks great filled with shells.

  3. Awesome find Sonny, love the lamp! A rattan shade would look great on that lamp.

  4. Morning Sonny,
    wow, what a great find.......and you did an awesome job of cleaning it up and adding the shells, it is truly a
    treasure and looks awesome. I always say good things come to those who wait, some many times when I have used my better judgement and thought I am simply not paying that much $$
    for that..........the Lord always seems to provide something at a much better price, it might just take a while, but it usually happens at some point, and what a wonderful blessings!
    Your whole vignette is beautiful, and guess what I have 2 mirrors that look like yours, and they are white, only cause I painted them, but they have started out gold and they were brown, then almond color then white. They used to be in our master bath. One is now in my living room the other still in the closet! lol
    Enjoy that wonderful lamp with the
    purty shells, it is great for the coastal look you love...........
    Have a great week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Sonny, I love, love, love it!!! I have been enjoying both the one I made from an old bottle, and the thrift one I got for $7.50 similar to yours. I'm thinking about filling mine with acorns, etc., for fall. So pretty!!

  6. Your project feels perfect for summer! Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Well done!

  7. You will never believe me but I have one of those in the basement eeekk! It was my husband's mother's, she always went to Cape May NJ and I think she bought it there:) The rattan shade would look neat! Really happy for you!

  8. Great lamp! I saw these in Florida for over $60.00 empty! Great find and it is sooo pretty!

  9. Yay, for Sonny! I love that you found your most treasured glass lamp and what a deal. You made it look gorgeous with the shells.
    Oh, another baby! You're too much!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. And it looks perfect right where you have it! What a deal you got. You know, I had a beautiful one back in the eighties. A really nice one. And it went out of style and I guess I sold it at a garage sale or something. Wish I'd kept it now!

  11. Congratulations on finding the perfect lamp at such a great price!

  12. I love these shell lamps! Your is beautiful!

  13. Very pretty and thrifty at that! I've been watching for a thrift find on a clear lamp like yours so I can do the same thing! Hope it materializes!

  14. Amazing what they charge for lamps nowadays, isn't it? If I paid that much, I'd be scared to death I'd drop and break it! Thanks for joining my first party!

  15. Love your new lamp and what a great deal! The clock is lovely as well.
    Love the baby and would love to see it finished!

  16. Forget the lamp (which is nice, by the way) and tell me about that baby. Are you saying you took the doll on the right and painted it to look like the very, very real baby on the left? Could that be? If so you have truly amazed me beyond amazement.

  17. Sonny, Your lamp is beautiful. I want one now. I'll be looking at g.w. for sure. Smiles, Susie

  18. I love this post! It is has been a joy to read as I could almost hear you singing! LOL! I know that feeling of being on a mission looking for something and then finally there you spot it. Your heart races a tad and you almost get into that RACE mode so afraid someone else will snatch it up before you do! Love the lamp and what you have done with it. The price can't be beat! You done good! BTW...hope you got your will need them for your next heart pumping mission! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Love your lamp and such a great find. Looks wonderful on your dresser. Your babies are so gorgeous. I am amazed. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. Congrats on finally finding a glass lamp! I know you must have heard angels singing from up above when you looked up and saw it. It must've been fate for you to find it that morning since you were killing time until your vitamin store opened. It looks great filled with shells. So summery!

  21. Well the angels were smiling down on you for sure! I am guessing you had to undo the bottom to get the shells in????

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