Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When to "Just Give IN"

 I cant believe its been 27 months since I got the 3 layers of wallpaper and 4 layers of border at the ceiling off the walls of my bedroom... Then I had all the wallpaper removed that was in the entire home and had them freshly painted.. This project took months~!   I redid the entire living room.. The kitchen was remodeled and painted , heck I even redid the dining and family room... Wanna guess which room NEVER got finished??  I'm pretty sure you can:)   
 I've posted about this before. I think it was a year ago now and I added about 7 sample bedrooms I really liked.  They never made it any closer to my bedroom than this blog page.. WHY?  cause I just cannot DECIDE what I want..

 This is how I feel.....

I could show you lots of pitiful photos of the DURING process but they wouldnt be of much help.. Probably just make your eyes to go wonky  and I dont wanna do that to my Pals...
I always do things on a budget but at this point , with this room, I'm about to say I DONT CARE WHAT IT COSTS ~!   gosh , do ya'll have any idea how hard that was just to type  .. hahahahahaha
Seriously, I'm getting desperate, can ya tell...  I've thought and thought about what to do, how to choose, where to look for inspiration and come up with NADA, NUFFIN...
Have any of you ever had this sort of design dilema??  What did you do?? How did you decide??
I'd truly love to hear your comments, suggestions, any tips you could offer..
I need HELP~!!!
Thanks in advance ...


  1. What if you pick apart those inspiration pictures and pinpoint exactly what it is that you like in each one, Sonny. Then take the one or two things that drew you to them in the first place and replicate that in your room. If you do a few things at a time instead of one whole redo, it will probably be less expensive and you'll be able to enjoy the changes as they are happening. There you go ~ that's my two cents! : )

  2. I've lived in our new house for three years now, and I still have ZERO decor in my living room, kitchen, or master bathroom. The kids room was no problem, and I've piddled around with some things in my bedroom, but those other rooms, I just can't make ANY decisions. I am so frustrated! Your taste is exquisite, so I am sure whatever you finally decide on will be gorgeous!

  3. Hmm!!! First off pat yourself on the back for all you have done in the past 27 months right? Then I would suggest if you are stuck, choose a neutral wall color if you haven't already and like Kathy said work on it a little at a time. That way you can add those things you think you are drawn to the most, but be able to shift in a whole new direction should you change mind without it seeming like a big redo. It took me years to get my master to where I wanted it and that meant just doing what I liked and not what I thought everyone else would like. My master is bright (lively parakeet green), vintage, retro, tropical and eclectic all at the same time and I love it!

  4. I say go along with Kathy's idea above...and I think the money should go to the master bedroom more than any other place! ;D

  5. We have been here for going on 8 years and I still haven't finished the bedroom, guest room or living room. What does that tell ya??? HA! I know, so sad....Char

  6. Girl you really don't need a bit of help..all your designs are beautiful and I love what Kathy said..go what makes you happy to see each morning and you'll be fine...Thanks so much for coming by and I wish also you were my neighbor all we would get done is drink coffee and talk..share good times..Hugs and smiles to you my young friend..Gloria

  7. I don't know if you read my blog much but I always...ALWAYS...find an inspiration photo and work off it. I've done this with every room I have and I am happy with all my rooms. Now, that's not to say I won't change things..I LOVE changing things in my house. :)
    I am about to start a remodel on a guest bedroom and I am taking my cue from a brand new bed set that has taken me a year to piece at a time.
    I have to remove a border and repaint...then, I am good to go. I will paint my room in an ivory and I will love it. My favorite color for walls is creamy whites.
    Good luck and I know whatever you choose, it will be beautiful.
    xo bj

  8. Hi Sonny! Well, first of all look at all you've achieved! I've been there and our bedroom is not finished because I'm stuck!! :)
    I think Kathy's thoughts make good sense.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Sonny you work very hard at everything you do. Judging by the style of the rest of your home, I would keep in flow of the same colors, and perhaps reverse them if that makes sense. I am imaginging a white tufted comforter like from West Elm or something and green accents...I am not sure why any of that came to my mind but it did. Perhaps make it a bit on the rustic side too, you live in a great part of the Carolinas, I can see you finding a cool old sign somewhere around there.

  10. I'm definitely not a pro, so take it for what it's worth. I have a few sentimental things in my room given to me by family and things I have picked up over the years. I always start with those. For example, I love quilts and have pioneer ancestry, so my bed will for sure have a quilt. My husband lived in Arizona and has a beautiful Native American rug. It hangs on the wall. Some people would say they don't go together, but I feel an attachment to them and to my room and love to be there. Most everything else, I picked colors that compliment the things I love and I think it looks wonderful. So I always say pick things to decorate with that you already love and go from there. Love, Joy

  11. Oh I feel your pain! I decided I was sick of my den furn after 10 yrs. So I looked and looked for new. Didn't find anything I liked, that was as sturdy as what I had. So I decided to have it recovered. More expensive than new. Then it took me months to find fabric. Got a new wool rug, my eyes watered for days! So now it's back from the uph, and I am at a loss. I gave up one sofa, now I have a void. And I also have to do window treatments , 4 windows and a French door. I am going crazy! So we should pray for inspiration for each other!
    Either that, or move! LOL
    Good luck with your project!

  12. Hi Sonny,
    I sorta had that dilemma with my bedroom, and I just started looking for bedding to get some ideas of what I wanted not really even ready to do the room yet, just looking for ideas.......but then one day we went to Home Goods and there it was a wonderful Quilted coverlet, with a throw and large sham to match. It had a cream backgroud, with florals in greens, peacock blues, and chocolate brown.
    I was in love......... so she went home with me and I built the room around her. It's been a few years but I still love her!!
    Just gotta get out there and look around and you will know it when you see it.
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. Sonny, a few years ago, we gave our bedroom suite to our son and dil. Not one thing was wrong with it...looked almost new. Bob and I were tired of it. So, we looked and looked and the time came for us to get it out of here. Bob was doubting...until, I basically, said let's chill. I made 2 trips to Thomasvile, High Point, Greensboro, and suddenly there was the bed! I had said that I would know it when I saw it. It was unreal how it affected me. First trip my sister was with me...second trip Bob gladly went. Long story short..our box spring had been sitting directly on the floor for a year with the mattress on top. I didn't want to make a quick decision and have to live with it! Chill out and you will know it when you see it. Thankfully, I was as thrilled with it as I had been when we had bought the old. We started with the bed and then shopped antiques shops and found pieces that are not matchy, matchy, but I did not want that again. Maybe later. Don't be hard on've been busy and you have great taste. It will jump out at you. Those things do happen!
    Happy New Year again, Helen


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