Friday, February 17, 2012

Such Pretty Kitchens

I dont know about ya'll but I never tire of looking at pretty kitchens.     Seems like I find at least detail in each of them I'd love to have.  Not sure if I put all those together how good it would look though...
{{{ all photos courtesy of Country Living}}}  one of my favorite magazines..

  I cant choose a favorite but I can say which thing it is I love about each of them..

  The little shelves on the cabinet edge at the window takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen. She too grew herbs in a clay container. 

Love the wood paneled wall and wire basket, as well as the glass doors on the cabs.  Black wouldnt work for me but I can sure see it in a room with lots of light ..

If  I had windows in my kitchen I'd put a shelf over them just like this one. 
Love these cabs that go all the way to the ceiling- especially since they have glass fronts.  A friend of mine ordered the very same bar stools as in this sample. 

I seriously think I need to add a column at the end of my bar- heck, maybe both ends and attach latern lights to them..  Love that idea.

 I would love to have that red and white checked rug on the floor.. 

Love the wall art over this stove.
Black and white checkered floor- oh baby, I want one~!
Love the plate rack style cabinet.
  I hope you found something you liked here..    thanks for stopping by to visit me and these pretty kitchen.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank ya'll for going to visit Lora in my last post. She is thrilled to have so many new followers and comments..   Thank You.


  1. Wow those are all just beautiful!! Thenthing that stands out to me is they are not basic builder kitchens...they have serious personality and style, so you are not focused on whether the counters are granite or the appliances stainless, etc. That gives me hope for my own kitchen!! Love the column idea also, but they all are beautiful!!!

  2. I just noticed the one with the column has bead board on the island almost the same color as I just got out of my great grandmother's old house!! I'm taking a piece to try t get paint mixed that color!!

  3. Standing by the sink, looking out of the window, in the first one would be pure pleasure.
    They are all so light and gorgeous, good choices.

  4. Oh I love these kitchens. Every single one of them. You are right, never tire of kitchens. Have a great weekend Sonny!

  5. These are all great kitchens. Love the one with the post and lantern....I want that!

  6. Those are alll beautiful kitchens. I wish I had room to add a shelf above my windows like the one in the third picture. Just lovely.

  7. Oh if my kitchen dreams could come true! The big old Ponderosa has a very small kitchen. It's cute, it's functional but small nonetheless.

    Great pictures of wonderful kitchens.

    Have a beautifully blessed weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  8. You have a great eye for detail, Sonny! You pointed out things I didn't notice at first! I do love them all...each is so different yet beautiful. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! :)


  9. Oh Sonny, there are so many pretty things to love about all of these kitchens. I could copy tons too. Hugs, marty

  10. These are all so pretty, Sonny! I love looking at kitchens, too, even though I know that that's all it is ~ looking. In fact, I just picked up a magazine at Lowe's when I was there getting paint yesterday "Beautiful Kitchens" I believe it's called. I couldn't resist the cover which had gorgeous shelves with corbels.

  11. Wonderful eye candy...every single one of them! I never tire of looking at them either :o)

  12. Oh-I love pictures of kitchens, too. Love the beadboard and I love the black and white checked floor! xo Diana

  13. My kitchen is white right now and I cant stand it! I am looking forward to oak and dark granite, terra cotta...warm colours that dont show every single crumb or speck of dirt!

  14. Gorgeous kitchens Sonny! Thanks so much
    for the inspiration.

  15. Love that first kitchen because it reminds me of my grandmother too. The last kitchen is more like me!

    Susan and Bentley

  16. I love kitchens too, Sonny. So much inspiration here. Come for a visit if you have a chance. I posted my kitchen...Christine

  17. WOW! I love kitchen photos too. I love them all and would never be able to choose, but I sure would like the opportunity to! Thanks for sharing. One of my fav magazines also.

  18. Those are SO lovely! Love that black and white checked floor!! Happy to have found your lovely blog; I'm a new follower! ♥

  19. I do love open windows in the kitchen! It gives me something to look out to while preparing what to cook or when doing the dishes. And it does allow a lot of light into the room, making it a livelier place overall.



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