Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank You and What's New

  I wanted to say Thank You all so very much for visiting me and your sweet comments on my last 3 posts..
  I was able to come and personally thank some of you and then time ran out to get to everyones blog..
 Please know YOU are appreciated..
This is what I'll be making while I listen to all the ruckus going on in the kitchen and dining area.. They'll mask those rooms off with plastic sheeted walls and I'll just stay busy elsewhere...
  I've been wanting to work on this sculpt for awhile so now is as good a time as
any.. The photo is of the Completed Baby .... right now its just blobs of vinyl in a box lol.. 

  A few weeks ago I cleaned  the top of my kitchen cabinets and added Decor.. I should have known that was a sign , hahahahaha..
  My painter called last friday to say he had a break in his work schedule and could get to me for the work I had wanted done for several months..  The dining room and kitchen were the last 2 rooms in this home that had ::play scary music here::  W A L L P A P E R ~!!  4  layers of wallpaper to be exact..   Now I am a brave DIYer but I know that meant many hours of intense labor as well as the top sheet rocl paper peeling off and needing to be spackled- sanded- primed and painted... I wimped out on doing it myself and told him OK, come on tuesday and he did..  
  As many of you know this project is more intense than it sounds. Everything had to come off the walls- off the cabinet tops- all decorations wrapped and stored and and and...  lol...   Like I didnt have enough mess with just this,, Mr. Dreams decides that while Carlos is already here and has a few days for us, have him go ahead and clean out the ENTIRE ATTIC - so new insulation can go in up there....   My entire garage floor is now full of STUFF-- 90% of which is going to charity.. I havent been up in the attic in years - so apparently I dont use or need it...   I checked quickly= no important papers or photos , so its outta here...

  Now, he wants the main storage building cleared out too...  IF I open my eyes too wide, will my eyeballs fall out????  

 Can you just envision all this MESS going on right when I was ready to do my fall decorating in earnest?? Please try cause no way am I taking photos :)

 In about a week, all this will be but a memory and things will be back to normal but till then-- oh my..
I'll have some time to come and visit ya'll but I wont be doing any posts and I didnt want ya'll to worry..
So take good care of yourselves and Happy Fall .. I'll be back with ya as soon as I can..



  1. I have to say, Sonny, your "sculpts" or babies are so realistic looking. That photo is just amazingly real looking! It sounds like you have so much going on right now. I have too, although it's not work around the house. Last year we did a major clean up because we were going on the market. I got rid of so much stuff that was either trashed, sold or given away. I have to say that it is a liberating feeling afterward!

    I'm coming in when I can to read and leave comments. I've been getting consult calls, I have an adult ed class I conduct every Fall and Spring coming up, plus I have a client with an ongoing project. Then add in the day job, my own home and being able to visit with my granddaughter!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! I'll bet you're thrilled once everything is back in place-enjoy:@)

  3. Even I want to run, screaming NO!! just by reading this post. I always hate those gotta clean it out times but then in the end, after it's all over, I feel so much better and always have more storage.

    Just think, more storage, more projects :)

  4. What a mess...and I would wimp out too when it comes to wall paper, hate that! Such a cute baby too...good luck with it all! :D

  5. I know it's a mess now, but just think how freeing it will be to get rid of all of that stuff!! I can't wait to see everything when it's done!


  6. Sonny, Thanks for visiting and your wonderful comments. I know everything must feel like a mess right now, but will be worth it in the end. Great blog with lots of wonderful ideals.

  7. that baby is so! And WOW to the major project coming up...oh how awesome it will be when all complete...can't wait to see it Sonny!!~

  8. Please tell me if I'm confused, but, this is not the sculpt yet right? This is the baby you are going to recreate with your vinyl blob, right? That's going to be awesome and amazing! I can't wait to see it! I didn't know you did that! So very creative! As for the rest of things, sometimes you gotta sift through the muck to find the pearl! It will be all worth it in the end. Hang in there!

  9. Ok, I just have to say I just went though your sculpts on your side bar! OMG! OMG! OMG! They are the most realistic sweetest things I have ever seen. It almost brought tears to my eyes, because I was thinking of my own sweet little babies when they were small. Sorry, I rarely look at anyones sidebars because I am rushing through so many blogs. I am so glad I saw this! I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this but you are an awesome artist! They are so realistic and breathtakingly beautiful! What a blessing you have with your art!

  10. Hi Sonny
    Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner. You have an amazing blog.

  11. Hi Sonny! Oh, the baby is darling! I can't believe how talented you are - your babies look real! :)
    I'm sorry about all the goings on in your house but in a short while you'll have everything up and in place. I have an idea! Take pictures of the 'befores' - your kitchen all torn up and just say there will be an 'after' shortly to come! :)
    I'm brilliant, you know! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Sound like you have been so busy but it will get done somehow and then it will be so exciting to see the finished product. But there is always something to do, isn't it Sonny?...Christine


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