Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Bit of Bloomin Goin' On

 Happy Sunday Folks~!

 Lets dont even talk about the front yard , which is mostly BARE NEKKIE.  We had the front trees and shrubs taken out last august as a couple of the trees were damaged by a storm and the shrubs sorta got squished and the others looked bad cause,, I didnt have them trimmed correctly.    Now, let me say that while this sounds awful, its OK when I consider it in relation to what others in this world are going through..    I am looking at the bright side and thinking how lovely and more efficient I can make it out there since I have way more experience and knowledge than I did the first time I came up with a landscape plan for this yard, 11 years ago..

 I see this as my chance to start all over... YES, there is a silver lining to every cloud and I am bent ,bound and determined to SEE things my way:)    Of course I do keep a set of rose colored glasses hanging right beside my dead bolt key set , so I make sure and slip them on before going out Front..   Dont need any RC glasses for the back dead bolt cause it looks GOOD out there- yeaaaaaaaaaa me.. Not that I wont go ahead and stick some pretties in the ground in back while I have two strong willing fellas to do the work for a minimal fee.
 I finally did the smart thing and called the high school and talked to the AG teacher who kindly sent a couple young men who need the money and know enough about a yard to help me get it fixed... Good for all of us, me and them.  I knew I'd have to spend some money and I am happy to know its going to a couple kids who really need it and appreciate it.    I even helped them get a nice place to stay- CHEAP- for their graduation vacation..  Am I a  Sweetie or what ,, giggle
 I stuck a little clipping in some potting soil and now I have THIS  - purdy aint it..

 I think I told Ya'll about the Bradford Pear with a strong will to live, last year..  I had them cut and the stumps ground down 3 ft below level and yet- a sprig appeared , summer of 2009 and I didnt clip it or spray it... Here she is, God Bless her sweet heart..  She's staying as long as I live here and beyond even that I hope.  Something with a will to live as strong as her's deserves to stay , dontcha think so..Crepe Myrtle I trimmed// or butchered as my daughter would say is already blooming out with fresh green leaves too..
 Maybe that happened cause I went out there several times and sincerely apologized to it for the crappy trim job I did on her and she forgave me...  
  I just transplanted this white azalea last year and my neighbor " mr know it fricken alllllllllllllllll about plants" said it would take several years for it to bloom again... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh   no Baby, you are wrong again..
 She's alive and thriving , I'm sure, partly because I told her what he said and I actually heard her reply : "fffftttt  on him, what the *%#( does he know anyway"..    
 Have I mentioned lately how much I love my plants and my yard and this Home I am so blessed to have. I dont say it enough and yet, they seem to know and that knowing gives them a special magic.. Bloom on my Loves, Bloom On..  
 as always, I appreciate you taking the time to visit me and read all my jabbering...  I kinda feel like I'm standing at the fence talking to my neighbors and friends when I post.  I hope you feel that too when you visit.
 I am always Thankful for Ya'll and happy to be a small part of your life.
 Love and Hugs and All Good Things to each and every one of You..
Ya'll come back to see us, ya hear~!


  1. You must have the right kind of soil. It is amazing about the pear coming back like that. My front yard is a terrible mess. Nothing grows and if it does the deer chop it down. Oh well, when it is time I will plant my flower boxes, old lard kettle and some other container pots here and there and it will be okay. Yes, in the scheme of worries.

  2. Sonny- Doesn't everyone have one "know-it-flipping-all" neighbor? I think you should clip and take a big bouquet over to "visit" We are in the same boat because I have to dig up a whole bed that was planted in front of the house and move it to the side. It has taken on a life of its own and is a mess...a mess! We can't plant here until after Memorial Day but with this early Spring I see lots of things blooming already- xo Diana

  3. WOw, you truly have a green thumb!

    You wrote a fun post, it was enjoyable to experience this along with you.

    Sunday blessings to you!

  4. I have one of those neighbors, too, and it's always nice when I have good luck with a plant! Ha! I'm happy to hear that your Bradford pear made it! I hear they grow really fast and I have always wanted to have one to take the place of a big old oak that went over in my yard. That was smart calling the high school for help...I never would have thought of that. Happy gardening!


  5. Sonny, I'm not surprised that the plants react to you so well. I can almost hear you out there "sweet talking" to them. I bet that white azalea is even more gorgeous than the photos show. Never had a white's beautiful.
    Wishing for a green thumb, Helen

  6. That is absolutely one plant that definitely deserves a second chance at life, Sonny! I've transplanted azaelas in NY and they always bloomed again come the following Spring, so I don't know what that guy is talking about. Glad you found some help and that it is working out all the way around. I'm itching to get some hydrangeas bushes - small ones to put in around the condo. My neighbor has some and hers looked great when we moved in last year. There is already existing plantings of bushes, but I think I can intersperse a few no problem.

  7. Sonny you completely confirmed it there is not a thing you can not do.
    Your white azaleas are beautiful. You showed him din't you. haha
    I had a white garden at my home in town with white azaleas. So miss them.
    Can't wait to see what you plan on doing with your front yard. I would love a pretty garden in my front too. I just put a bunch of pots out with flowers in them but would rather have them in the ground.
    Yep I do love coming over here you do make me feel right at home.
    Have a good week honey

  8. I think your backyard looks great, and I'm sure as summer comes around, it's going to look so lush and green! I live in the desert where I have a rock landscape...blah!

  9. We have ten acres and half the property is woods. That is the extent of our landscaping. It is best to not add other thing so it will be easier to mow. It is sad that our little pecan trees that made it five years were all killed in the drought last year. We haven't removed them yet and I keep checking to see if they might miraculously spring back to life.

  10. Hi Sonny! You have encouraged me to go out into my garden and tell all my plants and trees that I love them. Maybe my wisteria will finally bloom this year if I sit and visit with it for a while. Great tip about calling the high school. I am always looking to help for my Mom's yard.

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Girl, you do have a green thumb and yes it is PURDY! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Oh Miss Sonny, I'm so glad ya have some good strong Alpha Males to help ya out there in the yard. I do my acre all by myself and I'm gettin' older by the minute! Heeehehehe!

    I have a feelin' your yard's gonna be fantastic baby!!!

    God bless ya and have an excellent kinda week sweetie!!! :o)

  13. Hey, Sonny. You have a lovely blog, and I am a new follower. I live in Texas, but was born in Georgia. Love Southern stuff! :) Patsy

  14. Hi Sonny! your blooms are gorgeous! You totally have that green thumb effect though..I try talking to my plants, they are like my kids and don't listen. Sorry you could not find me...I thought I let you know I moved.

  15. So glad your azalea came back blooming like crazy! Shows what he knows. LOL! I know exactly how you feel about loving your yard. I am just so happy to have a fenced in area now, so maybe I can grow something that the deer won't eat. I love working in the yard every chance I get! Enjoy your day!!!

  16. Hi Sonny...

    I just read the sweet note that you left for me and came right over, my friend! I sooo enjoyed your visit and sweet compliments on my spring table...thank you! looks like you have been a busy lil' bee, dear friend! Your yard and flowers are looking gorgeous! I would love to have pear happy to hear that it has survived! Things are just beginning to green up here in Colorado. It will be awhile before we see the first spring flowers. After seeing your pretties...I'm anxious! Have fun planning and planting your front yard! I would love the chance to start over with mine. Lot's of work though! Enjoy!!!

    Warmest spring wishes,

  17. Hi Sonny,
    Your back yard looks like it is coming along quite nicely. Don't you just love azaleas, we have white ones too, and the bush looks like a big popcorn ball when it blooms.
    That reminds me I need to get that
    fertilized soon, they say to fertilize right after the blooms quit,cause if you do it during it will kill the flowers.

    Thanks for stopping in and for your sweet comments on our porch, we have really been enjoying it, but not so much this week, as I am still fighting this virus, it just want go................
    I have done nothing this week at all but rest, just coughing and running a low grade fever off and on, and feeling drained. I think the enemy wanted to wipe out the lovely week I had last week. Didn't work!! lol

    Thanks for your sweet well wishes for me as always, you are such a sweetie.
    and Hope you have a Very Happy Easter!
    Love and Special Easter Blessings,

  18. Yes, I'd say your neighbor has been proven wrong, he he he.... and your yard looks wonderful. I love that white - is it a fence or a gate?


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