Monday, August 25, 2014

The Pristine Potty

 Havin a good day ~!

 I know I know, its only 10:30 am lol..   hey, hey- I take my goodies where and when I get them ,so I feel like I should share those too.

    I've been in this new home 9 months and the truth is, I have'nt made any real decisions on how I want to decorate it.   It's a townhome and everything seems like its right under my nose, if ya know what I mean.  From the front door all the way thru to the door to the screened porch, is Viewable at all times.  oui vey~! that jewish sorta for Holy Smokes SonnyGirl ..   

this isnt mine,, I said I cleaned--didnt say I take photos this early:)
mighty purdy bathroom though, isnt it.. might have to copy some of it.   BHG  baths if ya wanna check the rest of them out.

  For an OCD gal like myself I'm pretty sure you know what that means.   I start cleaning, straigtening before my eyes are fully open... 
  If I get up to use the potty at night, ::yes I am a woman of nightly potty age::  I come back to a made up bed.. which I dont remember doing by the way...  
  On a few occasions I've actually woken up to a pristine potty, cause apparently I can squirt cleaning solution,  swooch it around with the brush and flush, with my eyes closed and with most of my brain shut off-- except that teeny tiny portion that can clean..Seriously??  yep seriously..

   Going to get my car inspected and my new sticker this afternoon- IF, I can get out the door ..   anxiety is a real pain in the patootie.:(  but for the moment- I'm having a GOOD DAY and I hope your having one too..

  in my best Mae West voice,
Come Back and See Me, Sometime  :: sly grin and a lil bat of the lashes..::
 I may not always be a fun read but it'll be honest and sincere.

Sonny G


  1. Oh I love it, so fun to see you posting again. Hope your day is super, super.

  2. Glad you're having a good day, Sonny! I say run with it! : ) I'm lucky I don't fall back to sleep on the potty when I get up in the middle of the night.

  3. I was surprised when I moved back here to this Godforsaken place that they don't inspect cars here any more. Don't need to. Now that's really a scary thought. People driving around without brakes. I'm glad I'm such a hermit for many reasons. And that's one of them. Honest and sincere is much better than fake smiles and false bravado any day of the week.

  4. You have such a great sense of humor -- always make me laugh.

  5. Oh my, I have never made the bed in the middle of the night! OR cleaned the toilet! I am impressed but my hubby wouold have me locked up:):) Hope you did have a GOOD day!

  6. ahhh, I love ya, Sonnygirl.:)
    We moved about the same time...we've been in our new place for 10 months now. It is finally beginning to feel like home...doubt if it is EVER as homey as our house of 40 years but it is so much nicer, newer, prettier...we just absolutely love it and feel blessed to High Heaven. We just had so many memories of the old place but making new memories in this "house by the pool" is so much fun. Lovin' every minute of it.

  7. How wonderful to see you posting again! Missed you! So glad you are having a good day, believe me, I understand, anxiety has also been part of my life and it is not fun. Take care my friend. Hugs, Maria

  8. I have not done those things but I must admit that I have thought of them every single time. A made bed and a clean toilet are of extreme importance in my life.

  9. What a cute post, Sonny! Glad to see you posting again! Sending hugs your way!


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