Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Country Living Quiz , Wow Wow

  I got an email from Country Living and there was a quiz in it so I thought , what the heck , I'll take it and see what it says..

 ::::  I'v had these items for many months , just waiting to put it all together in the great room:::: yep ,, its true~!

  Well, lemme tell ya, it hit the nail on the head with me.. In fact,  I have several of the items that are on the Rustic sample..

  The mercury glass lamp with the same shade
  The floral fabric for drapes and pillows
  The yellow ticking fabric
  The sea grass rug
  The pale taupy and the medium teal paint color
  The shutter headboard , but I'm using it for something else:)
  The lavendar- I have 7 bundles of it for a rustic basket I found at the dump... seriously, who would dump that,, sheesh..

 This was soooooooooooooo much fun and so accurate.. I'm amazed.
     Take the quiz and see if it Nails You..  either way.. let me know how ya feel about what it said... I'm curious:-)
many thanks for visiting me..
link to quiz below...  Have Fun
Country Living says my Style is...


  1. FUN!

    I can't believe with the few questions and the type of questions, that they nailed my style and color palette.

  2. I was shocked to come out with modern. Looking at the objects for modern there was nothing like any of it in my home. I call my style "Early Attic".

  3. I got the same one you did.. no surprise there! It is spot on!

  4. I have been going over and over and over paint and wallpaper samples for our bedroom and am no closer now to making a decision than when I started. Our problem is our bedroom is a very small space. meh

    I took the quiz and I am also Rustic. I do admit, I love these colours!

  5. Rustic here, too. and love the turquoise so much...


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