Friday, June 7, 2013

Redesigning My Exterior

  If I tried to tell ya'll how much time, work, MONEY and effort Paint Shop Pro has saved me thru the years, I couldnt:)   Likely many 10's of Thousands of dollars.     I like to SEE something before I spend a penny.
   I realize I'm very Blessed to have these skills as well as building, remodeling and creative ability..
 I've also helped 100's of other folks save a bundle by hiring me to show them what they SEE in their minds Eye, in an actual picture they can save and print out.   They dont mind spending a few hundred on 5 different renditions in order to save thousands of dollars in errors or building things that would never look appropriate or beautiful..  I want to take this opportunity to thank those of my customers who also read my blog.
  Great working with you all and seeing the smiles on your faces and the joy in your eyes when your design is complete~!!!
 Now, on to my own exterior.   For many years my Mood was dark and subdued but in the past few months with meds , therapy, prayers and WORK I am feeling Lighter Brighter and More Colorful and I'm ready for my home to reflect my Healing..

   I wont write about the changes as they are clearly visable in the sample pictures.

 I'd love for you to choose YOUR favorite and tell me in your comment  which one and WHY, pretty please:)

   as it is::
 not the best pic- it actually looks much better in real life...

Not sure yet which one I'll do but I'll probably do the original level first- see how I like it for a month or so and wait till Fall to add dormers- if I do that at all.. But dont let me effect your Fav.

 Lemme Hear Ya~!!!    and thanks so much for visiting me.

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  1. Sonny- I really like the first choice the best. I love the continuity of the brick and think the stone kind of cuts the house in half. You did a really good job pulling it together. I don't know about the dormers though. They are decorative rather than functional, right? How about a really great cupola instead with a neat weathervane on top?

    I struggled with the same thing with this house and that is what we ended up doing and I like it a lot- xo Diana

  2. Each photo is pretty and unique, but I think I like the second one the best :) My favorite thing about the second photo is the trellis - it looks very pretty.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs to you.

  3. Oh wow, there are some really great ideas. I love the cupola on the garage, looks amazing and I love the curved flower bed in the pic with the stone. Not a big fan of the trellis, but then that is just me. Maybe a pretty water feature there instead. Also, does the porch go all the way across the front, that would be a great look and how fun to create a really nice sitting area. Just my two cents worth. Can't wait to see what you do. Hugs, Marty

  4. Well you know I am NOT a decorator but I love the way it unfolds. The last picture is great in every aspect but I did not care for the addition of the red tree when it came in. That is very strange for me because I usually flip for every bit of added color. Love the trellis and wonder if that is some kind of year round creeping vine to be planted on it. I think I might like the red bush/tree at the opposite end of the house. You know I would always bow to your expertise.

  5. This was really cool! What a fun way to design! Thanks for sharing at TTF this week.


  6. This was really cool! What a fun way to design! Thanks for sharing at TTF this week.


  7. Oh my I would just like to sit down with you and have you teach me that program. wow....each one is so good but I think I love #3 I am probably leaning in that direction after spending a week of pruning and cutting back overgrown shrubs from the house...fearful that at any minute a snake would pop out from behind something. So whatever you do , do it far from the house and sprinklers...unlike I did. I am happy that you are healing...

  8. Love the third one and the dormers, Sonny, but I like the way the bed curves out in the second picture. I love curvey planting beds. : )

  9. Hi....glad you are feeling better....I like the stone work...and I think the fan is more balanced with the stone work. But that is just my silly opinion.

  10. I am really digging the second one but with the smaller shutters.

    Iam struggling with the color of my front door. My house is going to be light gray with white trim. It is a craftsman style home. Honestly, I have picked out everything with out much trouble and wham! this front door thing is not coming to me!

    Can't wait to hear more!!

  11. I like the third picture, with the bigger landscaped area, but the others look good too

  12. I am glad to read that you are feeling better.

    I am such a waffler. I like elements from each of the choices. I like the lighter front door color and the planting area that extends out more from the house. I can't decide which I like better, the stone chimney and partial stone front or the cupola. Each of them looks nice. Your home, as shown in the first picture is very pretty. It looks nice and shady. I can imagine sipping iced tea there in the shade.

    Using the Photo Shop is a great way to help sort out remodeling/decorating decisions.

  13. All of them are great but I am leaning toward the 2nd pic. I like the stone work and the curved landscaping.


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