Saturday, June 8, 2013

Exterior-This is It~!

   After reading all the comments, more Measuring and lots of Thinking.. I believe I've come up with our design plan.
  It  actually came to me in my dreams... I'll take that as a sign from the Universe for which I am grateful..  Never hurts to have help from those on the other side...and this side too , of course lol

    It will set us APART in this brick cul de sac neighborhood:)

   Add lots of curb appeal at a small cost.

  Very doable within an 8 week period-- if not sooner cause my nickname among the subs is Sonny the Slavedriver  lol

  Get the light, bright, happy, open, appealing to the eye look I've dreamed of. She will at last be the Home I always knew she could be while still maintaining her original character.

  many thanks to all those who commented and made suggestions.  You all are the BEST~!

 so with no further ado, allow me to present

155 Dream Lane.. I LOVE It already

Happy Weekend to ALL and Thanks again.

 repeat of as it IS now...
 As she will be by mid august..     wish me luck :))


  1. LOVE IT! That is going to look absolutely fantastic, Sonny The Slavedriver. xo Diana

  2. Well that's perfect and now I like the red tree. Guess you can do it all just like we knew.

  3. Oh, I think this is the best of all. It is going to look amazing. Hugs,Marty

  4. Luck, luck, luck! The exterior looks beautiful! You're in my prayers, sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Going to be perfect like that - really freshens it up, doesn't it?

    Good luck getting it all done soon.

  6. Love it! I hope all goes well :)

  7. That looks amazing! Here's wishing it all goes quickly for you!!

  8. Hi Sonny,

    Get ready to sit there all day long, as you won't want to leave! Looks lovely, best of luck!



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