Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Word Verification FREE Button for my Blogging pals..

Its at the bottom of each post if you'd also like to use it.. Just right click and save as a jpg and post it to your own blog so folks know as soon as they arrive that you are WV FREE and they can comment with no hassle..
 While I'm posting I put a little sneak peek of my new dining table in here:)  I've already taken it apart and will be staining the top darker. I like the white bottom but the natural tone top just isnt working for me..

Happy Wednesday Folks..


  1. I wish I could use your button, but because of problems, I go back and forth! btw, you might want to fix the word aggravate....I double checked is a cute button though...have a great week!!

  2. I can't wait to see your tabletop stained darker.

  3. Hi, I think I lost you for a bit! Glad I found you again! I need to do something with a table that I have like this too..can't wait to see yours ;D

  4. You are a riot! Cute button! I can't wait to see your table stained dark too. I have been working on something I stained and am tired of all the waiting in between coats of varnish. I want to be done!

  5. LOL, like the button but LOVE YOUR HEADER! How did you do that??


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