Monday, September 6, 2010

Biscotti and Tea , Anyone

I went thrifting and found this beautiful Biscotti Cookie Jar for 3.00.. It had a few chipped places on it but I'm not gonna tell ya where those were becuase I mixed paint and patted and dabbed and diddled with it till I cant even find where the chip places were now ...

 Marty's Party is going on and there'll be lots of folks posting beautiful displays so click on her link and visit those folks too, please..
I know it means alot to me when I have company, so I'm sure it will to them too..

   The pretty birdhouse was on 1/2 price sale at Micheals so it came home with me and I love it.  I certainly have developed a THING for birds lately.. Birds and Chickens and Roosters-- OH MY ..

 As you can tell I was playing with my graphics program and made myself a new header.. While I had it running I played with some of my tea tray photos too..

I didnt have any biscotti so I had to swipe of few of Mr. Dreams chocolate chip cookies... It sure didnt take him long to come asking me where they were and I had to admit I needed them for a display..
It was so hard not to have one of those cookie but no more sugar or white flour for me. I had some tests and I am highly allergic to both as well as many many other things.. Oh well, I'll be slim and healthy while he gains weight:)  See, theres always an up side to everything ...:)

It 's a beautiful fall evening here in Welcome , NC.. I always smile when I say the name of my town. Its tiny and friendly and I have always felt very Welcome here.. I know if you ever came to visit , you;d feel the same way..

In case you missed the FREEBIE gift tags I posted yesterday~~  click here and go get um:)

Ya'll come back and see me sometime, Ya hear~!!
I love having you here...


  1. Your new header looks great! You've created a tasty vignette and I love what you've done with the graphics effects!

  2. Adorable - makes me want to eat all of Mr. Dreams chocolate chip cookies! :)

  3. Beautiful! I love your display and your new header too! Very cute Biscotti jar for such a great price too! Now for you to make some homemade Biscotti...LOL! Seriously I saw a recipe the other day that really did not look too hard. I was looking for appetizers when I came across it. Your vignette is wonderful and really looks so "Welcoming!".. Get it?

  4. How fun! I love tea and anything sweet or pastry like. The setting is beautiful.

  5. GORGEOUS! I love your new header and your display!!!

  6. Hi Sonny! Oh, how I love your pretty fallness of header! You're so good at this! Now that's a very lovely display you've set up! Is that on your little new tea cart? Love it! And look at that graphic! You're just too good.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me and hope you've had a wonderful Labor Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Just beautiful Sonny...don't you just hate it when your hubs wants to eat your photo shoot ha ha!! Love the new hat(header) Hope your having a GREAT Labor day without the labor ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Sonny, this is such a beautiful display. Love your Biscotti jar, it is so pretty and your entire display is lovely. I would love one of those wonderful cookies and when they are under a cloche they always look so much better. Even your napkin is such a pretty fall color. Eveything is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. What a beautiful vignette, Sonny. The cookies are good and it's a good thing I am not there or I will get fat with your hubby, lol. Pretty biscotti jar and what a deal!...Christine

  10. The blog is beautiful and so is your setting...I'll be by to sample some of those goodies!!!...Cleo

  11. Love the new header, Sonny! That tea cart/table has certainly come in handy since you got it!

    Is your flour allergy gluten related? I discovered I had Celiac disease just a few years ago myself. My diet is completely gluten free at this point and I feel very good.

  12. Love your Biscotti cookie jar. The birdhouse is tooo cute as well Ü

  13. Love your vignette, Sonny {I love biscotti, too!!}. You did a great job with your header and graphics...I am NO good at this sort of thing. Everything about your post says FALL!!


  14. Hi Sonny, love the biscotti jar. All your pictures are simply stunning. Just gorgeous!

    Barb ♥


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