Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dining Transformation~ part 1

 I've had round tables of different sizes and wood tones since 1991..  It was past time for a change, dont ya think so?   This started with me feeling the need to recover my dining chairs.  The fabric I'd used for 5 years just wasnt working for me anymore. It was too bland and plain and I wanted light and bright..
So the following photos will show you where I was and where I am now.
Since this is a tabletop I'm joining the party over at Susan's
Be sure to click on her link and go see all the beauty folks have posted for you....
I'm not sure why I thought this looked so good . Also heres a little secret ya'll dont know about me.
Whenever I have walls painted, it takes me awhile to be willing to put a nail in the wall and hang anything.
  You know how it is, right.. A pretty new smooth freshly painted wall. I mean really who doesnt want to stare for weeks at all that Blank Beauty.... OK, your right, maybe not others , but thats just how I roll..
Then one day the Blank Beauty just does'nt work for me anymore and you will hear the sound of hammering going on for awhile.
In this case it was the sound of kerplunk kerplunk kerplunk with my beloved stapler.. Have I mentioned how much I love all my tools. I do, truly I do...
All that noise took me from the above loveliness to the loveliness Below.. ahhhhhh, much better.
 To answer the burning question I know you are all asking yourself ~" whats that lattice on the right hand side of the photo"~~ that lattice is there to hold my 4 Pom babies in this section of the house. All they have to do is SEE that and they back away from it :)  If they really wanted to knock it down they could as its attached to nothing but the visual barrier is all it takes to keep them where they belong.. Talk about some easily trained pups..giggle
 Back to the dining saga-- sorry I got sidetracted .. Yes the light bright seats are much better and I thoroughly enjoyed them for about a day before my eye would scan the space and say to myself-- SELF, something isnt right.. hmmmm maybe its the table... and Self was right, it was the table that just wasnt working now..
 Here is the new table as it was when I got it..
Yes, you're right again.. I did put nails in the wall to hang the mirror and plates.. It was time as the Blank beauty had worn off :)
  This was just a scrap of fabric as the table runner and a quickie scape to see if i was going to like how it looked and I did - mostly~ but but but....
  Something about the Natural tone of the table top wasnt to my liking.. No, it needed to be darker- richer- different . The table has now been all taken apart and the top is out in the garage being sanded.. I started with 80 grit as the poly coat on that tabletop is THICK.. I'm 2/3rds done with that part of the sanding.  Then I'll need to sand again with 120 grit, wipe down well with a tack cloth and go to the store and choose a stain color..  This concluded part 1 of the dining redo..  I will hopefully be able to show part 2 by monday . By then surely a complete Transformation will have occurred..  While I am hopeful ,it wouldnt hurt if ya'll kept your fingers crossed for me ... When you have a moment in the next few days just think loudly " Go SONNY Go Sonny ~!!  that could spur me into action...  :)
 As always , thank you for your support and good wishes .  I love having folks visit  and I want to know what you really think of my projects , so Tell Me.. pretty please...


  1. Haha! Go Sonny Go! Love your plates, especially the checked ones. Very pretty centerpiece too! Can't wait to see the table finished.

  2. Love the new seat covers and the table..I, too, would like it better darker, so.....

    GO SONNY GO......:)

  3. Isn't it funny what people see in a I would like to know, do you have puppies at you house. I saw the pic of Cocoa and Casper. Now I don't remember you mentioning you had puppies...but then again, I am aging!!!
    Can't wait to see what you did to that table. I thought it looked good!!

  4. I can't wait to see it now, Sonny! What made you decide to go with a rectangular table from a round?

  5. I can't wait to see Part 2, Sonny, cause Part 1 is truly spectacular already...Christine

  6. Sonny I think you have great the seat is perfect. Go Sonny GO!!~

  7. I'll be eager to see what you do with that table, as I have a similar one I'm tired of! Go, Sonny, go!

  8. You are amazing! I am looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  9. Go Sonny Go! It's looking so pretty. I really like the new fabric on the chairs. Can't wait to see the final reveal. laurie

  10. You set a great example for if I'll just go buy that fabric that I've been looking at before it is discontinued. Thank you for sharing your charming redo. Cherry Kay

  11. Very pretty table, love the centerpiece, so fallish. I have recently gone from a small round table to a rectangular one, too. What a difference!

  12. Love the light and bright dining room. I have painted some stained chairs Heirloom White, and I still can't decide about the seat fabric. You made a great choice! Your wall hangings are so pretty, too! Linda

  13. Go, Sonny, go! Looking forward to the end result!

  14. Hi Sonny! Thanks so much for coming by to visit my blog today! Our tables really are similar and I can't wait to see the rest of your transformation! I know it will be beautiful!


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