Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fall Printable or Screensaver for Ya'll

  I've noticed Fall has begun to show up in blogland, so I thought I'd offer this fall printable to ya'll..
I'll be changing out some draperies this weekend so my fall decorating can begin next week. Today is my weekly cooking too.  It helps me to stay on course if my main foods are cooked and in individual storage bags in the fridge so I can just choose-nuke and eat:)
  I saved some fabric scraps to make new pumpkins and ordered a fall arrangement which hopefully will arrive soon.    I'd like to try one in a quilted pattern this year .. My sewing skills are minimal but it can't hurt to give it a try.
  It's a bit cooler here so I'll spend some time out on the screened in porch and do some reading or maybe take my singer out there and sew some..
  Its been sized for ::
Happy Labor Day ~
8x10 --- Can also be used as a screensaver
Just right click and when the drop down box appears, choose, Set as Background..  easy peasy:)

3x5  this can also be made smaller for tags.



  1. Did you make this printable? You are very talented!

  2. Aw Sonny honey I have missed your so much too. I can not tell you how often I think of you and wonder if your doing okay.
    You are just as sweet as ever sharing this for us to enjoy. Not only are you sweet but gifted to be able to do it.
    I will catch up with you on your other post while I am lucky enough to be here. God has Blessed me with a good day and I am taking
    advantage of it visiting with friends online.
    Your precious blog is just lovely. You have made some changes since my last visit. I do hope to come by more often.
    Sending you much much love and wishes for a beautiful fall.
    Can't wait to see your pumpkins I know they will be darling.
    Love you

  3. What a pretty picture! I am with you, my sewing skills are not the best, but I try. My seams aren't straight, but as long as you don't look too closely at my work, it looks good! ;)

  4. I love that, Sonny! I have missed you and I have been away for the summer so just getting around to checking up on you! lol Hope you had a great Labor Day-thanks for the screen saver. xo Diana


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