Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dining room Mirror

  I saw a mirror at the Wayfair site but the price seemed a bit high to me, so I didn't put it in my cart..

  On Wednesday I stopped in my local goodwill store since I was right across the street from it getting my groceries.

  I was just strolling along and something caught my eye.. A large mirror with a dirty, brownish frame.   Luckily I didn't get turned off of it at first glance..  Walked over, looked at the tag, 12.00.~!
  It costs me more than 12.00 when I stop at burger king:) so I snatched it up and home I went..

  The mirror was easy to remove, then a good scrub n rinse of the wood frame and let dry..

 2 coats of rustoleum white spray paint and in 3 hours it was back together and ready to hang..

  I'll take a full shot of the dining area when the plates and art go on the wall.. But I just couldn't wait to show you my 15.00 mirror.. 12.00 -mirror    3.00 spray paint..  cheep- cheep- cheap enough:)

here's the one I saw at Wayfair..  I like mine better and am so happy I waited and found a great price on my new treasure.

  Thanks for stopping in to visit me.  I always look forward to it.



  1. Waiting for a better priced mirror was a smart move. Seeing how yours turned out makes me want to hit the thrift shops. Love that mirror, way better than the new one!

  2. Wow! Yours is beautiful, I like it better than the original!

  3. I like yours better too! It's beautiful. :-)

  4. Smarty pants! I like your better too. Taking it apart was the right thing to do.

  5. It's a beauty, Sonny! You scored a great deal.

  6. Oh I just *love* posts like this- so so cute, yours is way better and for a song it's new-to-you- awesome!

    Well done, darlin! ♥♥♥

  7. Hi, Sonny girl...well, I love YOUR mirror much better than the other are a savvy shopper and you have always had a good eye for design...just love this mirror...I love mirrors, period and have 5 hanging in my living room. lol


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