Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving on Dream Lane

   I wanted to pop in and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and tell you a little about our 38 year tradition..
Macy's Day Parade
Dog Show
Miracle on 34th street
Its a Wonderful Life
the 4 above have been our tradition for all these years..

    By wednesday night the tree is up and lit..Might not be decorated:) but the lights will be twinkling.
  I'm uusally the first one up so the fireplace logs are on and the flames flickering.
  Now here's where our tradition might be different from most of ya'lls.
 Besides Family, we invite different people each year..

 We've invited 4 guests to join us.  Two friends from work and Two neighbors who live alone and dont have family in town..  They were so happy to be invited and I was even happier that they accepted..   There's not a doubt in my mind that there will be some wonderful new memories made.

    The lasagna I made comes out of the freezer as does the ham.  I bake both a week in advance so several hours in a low temp oven heats them thoroughly and actually adds to the flavor.
 All the sides are made the day before and chilled in the fridge.
 Tater salad, pea salad,deviled eggs, candied yams with marchmellow n pecan topping and a bowl of fresh salad greens upon which will be drizzled , herbed oil n vinegar, thousand island or ranch dressing.  we allow personal choice , I'm generous like that..

  We keep it simple around here, because it really is a day of Thanks Giving and Giving Thanks.

    Cinnamon buns and coffee or hot chocolate is served at 9am , when we all grab a plate and a mug, find a cozy seat , a soft throw and snuggle down to watch the Macy's day parade.  Occasional trips back to the kitchen for another bun or to fill your mug..
    No huge table is set-  no la ti da tablecloth-no crsytal glassware or shined up silver in fancy napkin folds-no china teacups.. Just  clean glasses and coffee mugs-clean silverware which may or may not match, but will do a heck of a job shoveling the food in- dishes are Chinet, small and divider plates, doncha know, I did hold my pinkie out while I typed that.. giggle.

    During the watching of the parade, conversation is allowed and encouraged.  We'll talk about favorite Thanksgiving,,  favorite childhood gift received at Christmas...favorite pie and who baked it and any other memory or story anyone would like to share as well as hopes and dreams for the coming year.  

 Lunch will be laid out at 1 and we'll eat and watch the Dog Show ::yes, I chose all dog lovers as guests:: I'm smart like that..:-)

          They got a card with the itinerary , so they know what to expect in advance.They are bringing the desserts and that suits me fine.  I'm a good cook but no so good at baking.
   My pom girls will also have 2 guests, I mini schnauzer and 1 cocker spaniel. They've all met before so I know they'll get along fine.  As an added bonus all 5 dogs will make great crumb catchers, thus making clean up all the more easy for Moi'  ..  We'll wrap it up about 3:30 and I'll likely take a little nap.  
  Back up that evening to do the last of my Christmas/ online shopping and Viola, a perfect day for which I am already Giving Thanks and smiling.
   The girls are Dreaming and we all want to wish you the very best Thanksgiving Day ever.


  1. Oh Sonny, sounds like the perfect day and I am sure your guests will be delighted to enjoy all of your traditions and the delicious menu too. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a nice plan for Thanksgiving Day, Sonny. I bet your neighbors and friends are so excited to join you. So thoughtful of you. Sounds like a no fuss dinner, you already are prepared in advance. Enjoy your day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Such pretty babies you have? Where's the other one? Mine will be simple. I have no idea!

  4. Sounds like the perfect day to me, Sonny! : ) I hope, no I know, you will have a wonderful time. I think it's great you open your hearts and home to others who might otherwise be alone. I have already started ordering online and things are coming in as we speak! I will take one day in the beginning of December - hopefully a nice day - and hit the outlet to finish things up.

    I usually do our tree the Friday after Thanksgiving but since I'm working part-time now (yes, I'm working the Friday morning after Thanksgiving) I'm thinking of getting it down from the attic and take an afternoon a day, the days before Thanksgiving, to get it up and done. I always do my tree first and then decorate out from there. This way if I decide to keep it simple with the decorations I got the main one done and it makes me happy to look at it all lit up.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving if I don't "see" you before!

  5. Hi Sonny! Sounds like a great day and how kind of you to invite folks over that don't have family! You're making many sweet memories!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Wouldn't you know that you would have such a perfect Thanksgiving leading into Christmas. I would adopt that tradition if I wasn't so old. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

  7. Great plans... I hope that the next few weeks are filled with lots of lovely days and wonderful memories! jx

  8. Sonny, your Thanksgiving plans sound wonderful! Your generosity is an example of what the holiday season is all about. I think I need to add the Dog Show to our
    Thanksgiving line up!

    Happiness to you!

  9. It all sounds delightful, Sonny! Wishing you a very happy day on Thursday, and a happy season to follow. :-)

  10. Sonny, I love your traditions! Sounds like the perfect day to me and your guest will be very blessed to share such wonderful plans. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave such a sweet comment!!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


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