Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa and Seashells

  I found this little Santa at goodwill. He was sitting all alone and looking mighty sad.  Dirty and crayon marks on his , then colorful coat as well as old wax stuck to his insides.   I decided I could take him home and he could have a wonderful Christmas with us. :: sorry, I forgot the Before photos:: just trust me- it was pitiful looking..
 I used a mr. clean magic sponge and that got him all cleaned up.. Dried him off and outside he went for a coat of white spray paint.   Once dry I used my magic pen and touched him a little..  Now he's just like new and very happy in my coffee table display.   I believe in magic and I think he smiled at me while I was taking his photo..
  Merry Christmas to All.
  I keep out my normal decor in this room and just add a few holiday touches.   My plants wouldnt be happy with me if I took them away from their happy spot in the warm sunlight.
 Old books tied with twine. some snowy edge pinecones and a few of my favorite shells.  
thanks so much for visiting me.  I know your time is valuable, especially this time of year.

Kim's having a Mantles and Vignette party HERE
  Hurry on over and see all the great posts.

 We love having you in our home and sharing our Christmas with you..
much love and big hugs'


  1. Who would ever think you had a Charlie Brown snowman, now brought to life all clean and adorable!

  2. Sonny,
    It's all so pretty...just never know what you might find at GW!!


  3. AW cute little Snowman Santa. Glad you rescued him and gave him a good home. :)

  4. Oh, how cute, Sonny! He's adorable! You have created such a beautiful environment for him to call home!!

  5. So cute! Glad your snowman has a new home and looks so fabulous!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. Isn't it amazing that people get rid of such cute things. Your new Santa looks right at home in your living room.

  7. He's so cute Sonny and you created the most beautiful vignette for him! Enjoy your Sunday, Gail

  8. You certainly worked your magic! I love your holiday banner too.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. I know he is happy in his new home! Beautiful vignette, Sonny!

  10. Bet you are the only holiday decorator mixing snowmen with seashells:) Glad you could liven up the forgotten fellow with love and Mr. Clean erasers:)

  11. What a cute snowman, Sonny, and a very pretty vignette!

  12. Your little snowman is fabulous, I think he definitley needed to come home with you. You cleaned him up so beautifully. Love the vignette, so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  13. Well Sonny, he's just the cutest thing! I really like him. I'm sure he smiled!

    Have a good day!

  14. Sonny- I love your Santa and Seashells. He looks great all painted up and smiling- xo Diana

  15. What a cute snaoman and you cleaned him up beautifully. I bet he is THRILLED to be living with you now, instead of on a shelf at GW!!! XO, Pinky

  16. don't you just love when you are at Goodwill and something just calls your name? great vignette

  17. I bet he's so happy he's blushing now....what foresight you have to see the beauty in him, even dressed as he was.


  18. Sonny honey you can find me anytime and bring me home lol
    How lucky he is to be brought to such a lovely home.
    Blogger is messing up so I can't harldly type this comment.

  19. He's just adorable, Sonny. You did a great job refurbishing him. Gotta love those Mr. Clean sponges!

  20. Now that is a combo and a pretty one at that.


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