Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whats Goin On? :)

Hi Folks.

 Its been busy around here but not with anything fun or pretty to post.
It did give me time to visit many of you but no time to post anything here,
shame shame shame on Me.

We cleaned up the garden and got it ready for winter.
I keep getting up a bazillion leaves and when I look outside the next day,
their back~!
We had the carpets cleaned.  New desks are in place in the family room.
My new headboard and nite stands are painted but not yet waxed.
New garage door goes up today, I'm excited about that.
I still havent chosen the shrubs and trees I want for the front yard to replace the ones we had removed.
I have my ballard knock off mirrors half done and sitting against the wall in the dining room.
I have 2 custom babies in the works and their partically painted body parts are in plastic containers.
Here's the garage door we choose. I like that the upper section window grids match our actually windows.
It makes me crazy when the garage door grids are one design and the windows are another.
I want to look for the pretty black hardware I see on other folks doors:) 
This one is solid vinyl:) no more painting.   Insulated-help keep out the cold air woohooo
I am soooooooooooo tickled about this new addition to my home.

I found a few pictures for Debbie's copy cat party so its just a case of figuring out which one
I'll have time to complete. I didnt get to participate last time but I sure want to this time.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get at least half the projects I have started- DONE:)
Thanks for visiting and if I dont post again soon, I'll just do lots of visiting with ya'll.
Love and Hugs and All Good Things to Ya's


  1. Love that style garage door with the windows. We have the same one without the windows and I always have to turn on the light to find my way around in there when the door is closed. But it came with the house and can't justify replacing unless someone accidentally bumps into it with the car.....joking, joking :)

    You've been busy and I hear you about the leaves. Our trees have just started to fall and then it's a big mess, every day, till they are all cleaned up. I can't wait to see your projects. Question - painting and then waxing? Can you tell me (us) about the wax?


  2. Love the style of your new garage door Sonny and I know what you mean about all the leaves UGH!! Looking forward to seeing all the projects that you have been working on! Martina

  3. It is hard to blog when you are so busy...we all go through times like that! Your garage doors look really nice. Have a great weekend.

  4. Love the new door. We had to get one a couple years back. It is so neat seeing how it updates a home. Love the windows in yours. Good luck with the projects......I need someone to inspire me.

  5. Morning Sonny,
    Just stopped by to say Hello hon, you sound like me, lots going on but nothing you can really share yet, but after next Saturday I will be able to finally. things are clicking along here and seems good, but it is those last minute things you can't do ahead that concerns me, but I know the Lord knows all about it, and will help us accomplish what is needed. So have to keep that uppermost in mind!! lol

    Love your garage door, very pretty. Can you remove your window grids?? Our garage door has these lil snap ins, so we can have just the reg panes of glass or an arched window. I love that we can change it out every so often and get a new look. A nice bonus!!

    Well, can't wait to see what is up at your house soon.........

    Take care, and hope you are doing well hon,

    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  6. Sounds like you are truly super busy. Love the new garage door. Looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  7. Well, I always love to see your name pop up, Sonny, whether it's a comment or a post! It sounds like you've got lots of projects in the works. I had wanted to join in the copy cat linky, too, last time, but just didn't have time to find and do something. Glad you're good and just busy!

  8. Cool beans, all good Sonny! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  9. Wow honey I would to excited myself over having a door that is so pretty. I think you did good buying this one.
    You sound so busy no wonder you don't have time to post.
    I too have been slow about posting and visits. It is just not enough hours in the day.
    Love ya

  10. Hi Sonny,

    Love the new door!
    We are busy too, with the fall clean up leaves everywhere...
    Today we had our first frost!
    Time to put it in high gear!!
    Have a great day!

    All the Best,


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