Monday, March 22, 2010

Teapot Tour

I've been busy finishing a custom order baby so no real time to do a proper table. I thought I'd post my teapot for those who might not have browsed my whole blog... I promice I'll do better next week, really I will..
Go here to Marty's A Stroll Thru Life for lots more tabletop inspiration!
 Teacup Tuesday at hostesses Martha, at and Terri, at
Many thanks to all these lovely ladies for hosting parties for us .
Heres the reason I've been busy.. She leaves to go to her Forever Mama who lives right outside atlanta in the morning.  She hasnt decided what she'll name her but I hope its something sweet , cause this baby sure it.  I made the cap and bib too from some scraps I found in my stash bin. Isnt she a cutie.. I had actually planned to keep her but the lady made me an offer I couldnt refuse.. Sonny needs a new Laptop, lol...

Thank you for visiting me.. Its always a pleasure to have your company and to read your sweet comments. You are what makes blogging worthwhile.
Happy Day to ya


  1. Omgoodness that baby doll looks so real! Beautiful work you do Sonny! I love all your teapots....and don't feel bad I made a very generic post, just looking for inspiration:) We can't always be on top of it here in blog land!

  2. Well hello there dearest Sonny,

    This is just a real visual treat!~ No matter that it's not a 'better' post as you say!.., Really to my mind, what could be better than all those fabulously pretty pictures my dear; I love them all!~ ( Especially the blue and white and the all white)!

    Thanks so much for participating with my little 23rd,'Tuesday Tea For Two' blog tea party Sonny!

    (I was so tired from a very full and busy week myself, that I also used some previous pictures from a post awhile ago as well; as long as people really enjoy them, that is what truly matters my dear lady)!..,

    My oooh my!~ What an adorable, life-like baby doll!! .., And you make these doll?!~ I didn't realize that you made dolls Sonny!~ I'd love to see more!!..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  3. Love your teapots -- especially the blue and white one!

    What a cute baby doll -- it looks so real!

  4. Oh My! I thought she was a real baby! How precious! (I did think it was pretty bad to be selling the baby to get a new laptop!) You have some beautiful tea pots and your table tops look so pretty. laurie

  5. OMG I really thought that was a real cute is that and what an awesome job you did making her...I loved seeing all your beautiful tea settings you have some wonderful sets and the way you have displayed them all is great....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Sonny, your teapots always make me drool! Just gorgeous!
    Your baby is so beautiful. I know you put your heart and soul into her and all the others and it must be hard to see them go. {{Hugs}}
    xoxo Pattie

  7. I think you did a great job with these! Love your teapots ~ that was another collection I had but have since put away or got rid of. I used to keep them on top of my kitchen cabinets. That baby doll is amazingly life-like, Sonny! You are really very talented!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I didn't realize the baby doll was a doll until I started reading the comments, and was wondering why you were giving your baby away!!! Great artistry!

  9. Wow..fabulous post!! I love the green teap pot..everything is so beautiful!!

  10. I have to "ditto" Beth - I quickly scanned comments to see if you are a foster parent :-)So glad to see it's simply the most adorable life like doll I've ever seen. Your teapots and photos are beautiful too :-)

  11. Wow, how real does that baby doll look. I did not know you made those. At first I thought o.k. she is selling a baby for a lap top? lol

  12. That baby doll is so beautiful!! I wish I had her!

    I really enjoyed seeing your tea pot vignettes, they are all so pretty, can't choose a favorite!


  13. I saw on blog tips that I'm NOT supposed to answer ya'll here but I've been a rule breaker since I was born so.....
    thank you so much for your kind comments. I truly appreciate them.. as for the babies, I guess it would be ok to put my own website on my sidebar in case anyone did want to look at them or maybe might wish to have one made for themselves. I'll tell how that works when I get it posted..
    thanks so much for visitng me and oh my gosh, I have 2 new followers for which I m so grateful and happy..

  14. All of your pictures and your teapots the way you have them arranged in vignettes, just stunning. I drooled over them all. That precious babydoll is just breathtaking. So beautiful. I love it. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  15. Morning Sonny,
    I thought all your vignettes were gorgeous, I particularly loved the ones with the fruit in them for some reason. Maybe cause I like fruit! lol

    And you make those baby dolls??? Oh my heavens,
    they look so real, what an awesome job you do!
    I am totally impressed. What a lovely talent.
    Would love to see more of them. They are just

    You have a super great Spring day.
    Happy Spring! Hope it feels like spring where you live. lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  16. I wish I could just throw something together like you :) I don't do well under pressure.

    Lovely, so lovely. Your tabletop posts always make me want dessert!

  17. Hi Sonny, I was here night but it got late so I planned to come back this morning :)

    I was looking for information on the baby doll. I got to read (and enjoy) many of your post but didn't find anything more about the dolls.

    Now after reading the latest comments this morning, I see that others wanted more info too, and that you now will be adding it to your side bar. Great!

    I also might suggest you add a "labels" and or "archives" gadget so that we can search your blog easier. Oh, and maybe an "about me" gadget too would be nice. I always to read background info ;)

    This morning I saw that you left me a comment on my bedding post from months ago. Thanks! Just so you know, most of us receive email notices on all comments, however old they may be.

    Also, thank you for following me and putting my latest posts on you sidebar!!!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  18. Hi Sonny
    That baby doll looks so real. You are very talented! Thanks for showing us your teapots. They are all very pretty but I'm loving the blue and white one.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  19. Hi Sonny!

    Beautiful tables! Loved each photo. But, really loved that vintage green teapot with the teapot lid! How unique!

    And your baby doll is amazing! What a great job you did with her!

  20. Hi Sonny, I must say I am partial to the green tea pot with a mini on top, although all are beautiful. And your baby doll is so real looking. Wow! Happy Tuesday to you~

  21. Such pretty teapots! Thank you for showing them to us when you are so busy.
    That baby is so very real looking! You did beautiful work on her.

  22. I think everyone else already said what I would have! I make Cloth/Clay dolls and truly appreciate all the work that went into your new 'baby'. It is DIVINE! As are your photos of the teacups and table settings. I have a passion for Roosters, so just adore that pic!
    Great blog and I can't wait to see what you post next week!

  23. I think it was a lovely post and I am so partial to the white and blue setting! And that precious baby doll is adorable and the most life like doll I have ever seen! Fantastic work!

  24. Hello sweet lady...

    Ohhh sounds like you are busy...busy, my friend! Nevertheless, you sure turned out some gorgeous tea tables for us to feast our eyes upon! I love teapots...all teapots...any size, shape, and color! Hehe! I really enjoyed seeing that gorgeous olive green teapot with the little teapot on its that!!! You have set some fabulous tea tables, my friend! I love all the beautiful blue and white...and of course, there is the gorgeous "all white" tea! Absolutely lovely! Girlfriend, I see those pretty apothecary jars that you were telling me about! So happy that I could give you an idea of what to do with them! Hehe! You know, I seen the cutest little bunny on the shelf underneath your white tea set...he would be darling in your apothecary jar for Spring! I did one like that last year and added those pastel colored malted milk candy eggs to the bottom of the jar and then nestled my little bunny to sit in turned out cute!

    Well my friend, thank you so much for sharing all of your pretties with us...I really enjoyed them all! I also wanted to thank you for coming by for a visit and leaving such a sweet note for me!

    Have a fabulous day, Sonny!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  25. Love the photos of the teapots! They are so elegant and chic! Makes me feel like having a tea party :) Great post!!

  26. Oh my goodness...what a precious baby doll. You are very talented.
    Love all your teapots...:)

  27. How beautiful Sonny! I thought the doll was real.

    ~Happy Spring! ~Melissa :)

  28. Such pretty teapots!

    You actually made that baby doll? It's beautiful! I honestly thought it was real at first and not knowing, began to think you were selling babies on the black market! LOL :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  29. OMG Thought that baby doll was a real baby! Gorgeous. Your other photos are also great. Thanks for posting. Sincerely, Susan

  30. Hi Sonny! Wow, such pretty groupings. Love the blue and white, one of my favs and the table with all the white dishes. That baby Doll is gorgeous!! Did you make it yourself as well as dress it? So impressed. Thanks for visiting me, Linda

  31. Love those teapots - especially the white set - beautiful! Linda

  32. I am loving that second picture the best--there is something about the pure white and the bunnies!! OH ..I thought that baby was real!

  33. WoW is all I can say ~ well not really, I can add that its all fantastic. LOVE'N IT!!

  34. Love your tablescapes and pretty. What a gorgeous baby too...checked out your website and you do beautiful work! Just became a follower...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.

  35. You made that doll? Thats just amazing work! Your blue and white setting and all the other dishes are gorgeous! Great job!

  36. Hi Sonny, it is so nice to meet you. Your blogger header is soooo stunning. What talent you have. Your table vignettes are simply stunning... hugs ~lynne~

  37. Are ya sure that baby isn't "real", it is so precious...
    Lovely photos of your beautiful tablescapes!!!

  38. Sonny: That doll looks real. Did you make it? Wow! Anyway, love your tea cups and I want to thank you for being a part of the party today. I hope you will join us next week too. I look forward to what you will share. Blessings, Martha

  39. How delightful to have the wonderful baby at your Teas! Each Tea Vignette are so lovely. I will have to say I adore the roosters! I love Roosters! I love the grapes. You have some lovely tea sets! Just beautiful done! You should saved a few, lol Oh I love the blue set, and the green and all of them. lol Thank you so much for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday! Love the baby! Mama need a New Lap Top! I hope you got a great price for her your work is outstanding! I have boxes of doll molds, I wish you had them.

  40. I am only new to your blog so I am very happy to have a good look at all of your beautiful pieces.

    Your beautiful little baby is simply divine too-I also thought it was real!

    Best wishes,

  41. Good Morning.
    I just wanted to thank ya'll sincerely for all your wonderfully kind comments. They mean more to me than I am able to express. I have done my est to make sure and visit each of you and I so hope I didnt miss anyone.
    I wish your a glorious day

  42. Wow! I thought I had stopped by a baby selling blog;)! That doll is life like!

    Your teapots are darling! I love them all!

    Thanks so much for your sweet visit this morning...stop by again soon!

  43. i see my bunnies are gone from your templete but this one is so very nice too! i'm glad you change up tho, you always have such a nice fresh header.

    your teapots and tables are always brilliant and i enjoy looking at your creations, especially that newly created vision of cuteness! she's a beauty, but i've never seen one that wasn't. she'll love her forever home.

  44. WOW! These pictures are GORGEOUS! I truly can't pick a favorite cuz all the goodies hold their own. The baby doll is stunning.


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