Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tea for Thee~ Announcments & Questions

  I wanted to make a couple of announcements and I have a few questions, also I used my new table yesterday for the first time. Yes, I know I did a display on it but we didnt really use it for lunch till yestday..
 My DH loves it becuase it sits at a window so he can eat and look out at the same time. He's always had an issue with our dining area becuase its positioned in an area of the home with no windows, nor can there be any.
  Thats why we always sit in the family room for meals , which is fine but not like having a table to sit at. I'm seeing a couple of new comfy cozy chairs in my future to sit beside the table too.. Isnt that the way it always is, one thing leads to needing something else.. Oh well, poor me, guess I'll have to go SHOPPING...giggle
  We dont like eating heavy meals at lunch so yesterday it was a muffin and some apple slices. We knew we'd be having fish for supper and I like to leave plenty of room for that:-)
 ((Announcements and Questions below photos)) please read because I need your help...
  Sometimes friends who are having a party will ask me to make a personalized announcment card for them and they like to have their table on it so folks can see what they are having in advance and besides it makes it a bit more special than just calling or the usual text email they send. Theirs of course have the date/ time and location added. This is just a sample of what one might look like. I used my table display for this..
  I am not the greatest baker in the world.. Cooking , I am TERRIFIC, baking- not so much.. I got these cinnamon muffins at walmart and they were yummy. I made cranberry tea to go with them and its one of our favorite teas.
Cranberry Tea
  • 3 1/2 quarts water
  • 1 (12 ounce) package cranberries
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 2 oranges, juiced
  • 2 lemons, juiced
  • 12 whole cloves
  • 2 cinnamon sticks


In a large pot, combine water and cranberries. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 30 minutes. Add sugar, orange juice, lemon juice, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Cover, and steep for 1 hour.


Now on to the announcements...
1.. I moved my followers down to the bottom of my posts.. WHY? Becuase they wouldnt let me see ALL of you in that tiny sidebar box and your smiling faces are what make posting worthwhile for me.*****After seeing the comments I decided to move it back to my sidebar~!!  yes thats better- thanks to those who suggested it.
2.. I figured it would take me a few years to get 100 followers but as of this post I have 66 and so maybe I'll have 100 sooner than I thought and I need to get as many of you as are willing to brain storm with me about what I can offer as a Giveaway.. It would be mighty kind of you to tell me, in your comment, what YOU"D love to win in a giveaway . Then I can gather all these ideas and choose 1 or 2 and I could offer the winner the item of their choice.. 
The Questions

1. I'm trying to participate in several parties a week. A few of these are blogs with a gazillion members, so there are often 200 or more folks linking to those parties.  I've tried but theres just no way I can get to all of them and leave a comment, which makes me feel rotten becuase it doesnt seem fair to comment to 50 folks who took the time to do a display- take photos- make a post-- hoping for visiters and comments,, and not comment to each and everyone of them.  I'd be crushed if no one or only 2 people visited me. so the question is -- How do you all handle this issue?? 
2.. How do I know who all is having a party on a particular day? If they are kind enough to Host a Party I certainly want to support them by posting my link and thanking them for hosting.. Is there a list somewhere and if there is could someone kindly point me to it?
 alrighty, thats it for this time.. Please do let me know your thoughts as to my questions and your suggestions as to the giveaway items.. Thanks so much for helping me out with this. You are APPRECIATED~!
Happy Saturday


  1. Sonny, I do so love your posts. And I, too, have wondered if there was a "Blogger's Event List" somewhere- if you find one would you let me know? Allie mentioned yesterday that we hit 5o followers! Yay! We're thinking about a giveaway too... This is a whole new world to us!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Hi Sonny! Oh, I so glad you're enjoying your table. I love the looks of your lunch all set up so prettily! You're wonderful and so talented making these little 'buttons'.
    About the parties (memes as some call them and I don't know what that stands for) I don't know if there's a list. You could look on the sidebars of the blogs you visit and probably they have listed the parties they go to. I have that. I could tell you of the ones I know about:
    Met Monday - Between Naps on the Porch
    Mosaic Monday - Little Red House
    Blue Monday - Smiling Sally
    Show Your Cottage Monday - House in the Roses
    Tabletop Tuesday - A Stroll Thru Life
    Tablescape Thursday - Between Naps on the Porch
    There are so many - these are the ones at play at sometimes.
    Maybe you could google - Blog Memes and see what comes up!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. hey sonny, i wish i could offer up some suggestions but i'm just a follower and don't have a blog of my own. but i will say i'd follow you anywhere! lol.. good luck with your blog and i think a giveaway would be cool! have to think on what to give away tho. your blog is great enjoy your saturday!

  4. Because you asked....if you have your list of followers at the bottom of the page, it could be hard to see for some folks. Someone like me, that reads many blogs might read the post, comment, then move on if they look but don't see the Followers section. I vote have it on the side, closer to your post.

    Yes, I think you should have a giveaway and I can think of lots of your home pretties that would look so good in my home. :)

    So funny that you mentioned the Walmart bread section. I've recently discovered that their Bakery has some fabulous rolls and breads. I was pleasantly surprised.

  5. It all looks good, Sonny! I love those announcements; yours turned out so pretty. At one time I think I had my followers at the bottom, but I moved it to the sidebar. As for linky parties, I participate in those I can but I find that many of the same people are at each {I guess many of us follow the same blogs}, so I usually catch them at one and leave a comment. When I have no time, like I actually have work to do at the day job, I will go randomly through the posts. I also will go to people who have commented on my post. It still seems like a lot, but when you have many parties on one day {Monday seems to be popular} it can be very difficult to do.

  6. Hi Ladies and THANK YOU.. I guess it would have been better if I posted some of the things I can make myself- as to the giveaway issue.. My DD suggested I make placemats and matching napkins but sheesh, what if they dont match the winners decor.. This is where I get stumpted about that or a french stenciled pillow or , or , or lol..
    I know it would be easier to buy something to give away but then it wouldnt feel like I had really put some work into it. I liked the gift certificate idea but thats been done now many times and I dont want to be a copy cat.. I even had an idea about putting a small tray scape together:: tray/napkins- couple of tea cups/tea and something:-) but what if they dont drink tea.. I am gonna make myself dizzy, or should I say , dizzier, trying to think of what to do lol...

  7. I love the party announcement, it is so personal and pretty! Now as for the parties, I know Transforming homes has a big list on her blog. It just depends on which one strikes your fancy. I will be doing fun foto Friday, the first friday of every month...I just had one yesterday, it was pretty nice and fun!!~ Have a great weekend Sonny!

  8. I love your creations! I love one for my Tea Time Tuesday, another event going on and this post would be great for it. I have a place I try to keep on my side bar too, for memes, parties events. I wish I could visit everyone too! I know I missing so so much. But just so many hours in a day. lol Love the Cranberry tea!

  9. Beautiful tabletop and I love the announcement you made. I have found that the bloggers I've met online are really a diverse group and love anything in a giveaway, based on the interests which all seem to revolve around house and home. I think that anything you decide will be very welcome and appreciated because it was something special from you to the winner. I wish that I could post a comment to every participant of every party I join, but I have a very demanding full time job and find that it is impossible to visit and comment as much as I like. I always make sure that I visit and comment to anyone who comments on one of my posts and if I join a party, I visit as many as I can and leave a comment. I am a firm beliver in comments to show support and will continue to visit party participants all week to try and comment on as many as I can. I think that is the best anyone can do but would love to be able to have the time to contribute more. Love your blog.

  10. I just love it everytime I visit you here. Never want to leave!
    I'm giving something a new whirl...I just did my first "Dahling I Love Your Style"...and if everyone enjoys it...I may make it a weekly party.
    Hope you'll join in...and invite all your friends! I love new friends.
    visit here:


  11. Donna. I tried to link to your party on my sidebar but as yet to no avail. I am so bad with links:( I'll keep trying..We need to spread the word around so folks can participate with you..
    Thank you all again for your comments. I am reading every one of them and making notes - so I can come up with something unique to give away..I'm seriously considering the french stenciled pillow and if it doesnt fit the winners decor maybe they could gift it to someone they know.
    I appreciate your thoughts..

  12. Oh Yes! The French stenciled pillow! And pick my name! I recently did a post about some of these same questions. There is just now way for anyone to visit 100,200, or 300 people who link to an event. I don't think we can be expected to. I've been sort of disenchanted with the "follower" thingy. I have people on my follower list who have never left a comment, so I can't go visit them. My follower list was at the bottom of my blog for a very long time, but I did recently move it to the sidebar. When I decide to follow a blog, I always do it from my Dashboard, because I am adding them to my blog list anyway, but I guess not everyone does that. Good questions. laurie


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