Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkins, Piggies and Pinecones

 I guess when I said in the last post , that it was All the Fall I was doing,  I fibbed..  It wasnt intentional , truly it wasnt...
 Ya see, today is the yearly  Barbeque Festival in Lexington NC , so for months, there have been piggies of every size shape and color everywhere I shop..

  While choosing my new living room sofa :: which I will be showing as soon as my pillows are made, I spied a Mama Pig and her lil piglet and just had to have the set..
  The next day I was out getting the yard ready for the colder months ahead and picked up some pinecones..

All over blogland folks have been making sweater pumpkins.. well, I had a huge sweater that got its fringe all tangled when washed,  stuffing,  embroidery thread and twine..  I took having all those elements on hand as a sign that I should make use of the now , unwearable sweater and so I did..  In order for mine to be just a little different and more ME I added bows...       Around here if ya stand still too long, I will spray paint you or put a bow on ya  , sometimes Both.  giggle

 Thats how this vignette came together-- Pumkpins,, Piggies, Pinecones AND a Prayer Plant.  May as well put all my P's together..  I love how they look and I hope you will too..

 I want to Thank all those who have made these sweater style pumpkins and for all the amazing tutorials I found online..  Without your experience and expertise I wouldnt have know where to begin and end.. so Many Thanks to all you generous folks.... I hope I " did ya proud " as we say in the south..
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Thanks so much for visiting me.  Happy Saturday to Us ALL..
love and hugs and all good things


  1. Sonny, I absolutely love your pigs and pumpkins. They look fabulous. Great job and super vignette. Hugs, Marty

    PS. One question. What program do you use to do your header? Love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. I had to do a second take at your post title. I wasn't sure I was reading it correctly!{giggle} I love the momma piggy with her baby, too cute. The pumpkins turned out great!!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Looks So awesome, Sonny!

    I too may make some sweater pumpkins, they're so cool, but oh my I am getting a little too much autumn stuff (my fav) so maybe next year. I am a little late, as it were.

    That nifty pig looks great in that vignette!

  4. Really cute and creative Sonny, I can't wait to see your livingroom:)

  5. I love your sweater pumpkins Sonny! Pretty vignette!!

  6. Very pretty, Sonny! I love your sweater pumpkins! Of course they have to have a bow. : )

  7. Piggies!!! Your pumpkins turned out great Sonny! Oh how I'd love the BBQ Festival! Have a great weekend:@)

  8. You just made such a cute display. Love those pumpkins that you made and the mama and baby piggies are perfect with them. I'm glad that you went ahead and did just a little more Halloween.

  9. Your pumpkins are so charming, love the neutral colors!


  10. Hi Sonny! Yes, I love your piggies and pumpkins! You did a great job on the sweater pumpkins and your bows are just so you! :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. I love them with bows! You're put a different and unique spin on the sweater pumpkins.

  12. what a neat display of P's items! love those sweater pumpkins

  13. Pigs and Pumpkins! That is a pretty neat combo!! Very pretty vignette!

  14. Charming vignette! Love the cozy, comfy pumpkins and the cute little piggie. Have a wonderful Sunday Sonny!!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. Adorable! I love your piggies and pumpkins. I also like that they will transition beautifully to Thanksgiving.

  16. Where have I been? I haven't seen a sweater pumpkin anywhere, but I LOVE yours!

  17. This is the first time I've seen sweater pumpkins - how beautiful! I will have to keep this in mind for next year!

  18. Oh I love them, I love the textures, the colors, the styling...oh .....sigh.


  19. Hi Sonny- I am back from my blogging break and I am loving all your P's. I will TRY to mind MY Ps&Qs when visiting here-but I am not making any big promises. So glad to see your blog again- xo Diana

  20. Pumpkins and Pigs- adorable!! I have so enjoyed making those sweater pumpkins- love the way you wrapped your stems like you did!

    I'm with Marty in that I would love to know how you did your header! Love it! I sure need to update mine!

    bee blessed

  21. Big thumbs up! Love the piggies and your sweater pumpkins are the best!
    Great vignette!

  22. Adorable! I'm your newest follower. I just bought a sweater at a garage sale to turn into little pumpkins. I hope mine look half as cute as yours when they are finished. Have a wonderful week.

  23. Your sweater pumpkins are beautiful.

  24. This vignette is just beautiful Sonny. Love the sweater pumpkins, piggies and pinecones. Such a sweet looking setting. Thanks.

  25. The title of this post is darling!!! Caught my eye on my reading list. Looks so cute, too. Thanks for the well wishes today on my blog. We are hanging in there with storm Sandy - kids are out again tomorrow - :/

  26. I love your take on the sweater pumpkins! The bows are so pretty on them too!

    Visiting from Met Monday.

    Have a great day.

  27. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  28. What an adorable vignette! I love the combinations of elements .... too much fun. The sweater pumpkins have been a hit this year and easy to make as well!

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  29. Thank you for popping in Sonny! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Your sweater pumpkins are do cute, Sonny. I like the addition of the ribbons....Christine

  31. oooh - I love white sweater pumpkins. Love it all!

  32. Great vignette, sonny! The little round piggy looks right in place with the round creamy pumpkins! I love your sweater pumpkins!

  33. Just adorable! You did such a great job on those sweater pumpkins, & the addition of the bows is just the right added touch!

  34. wow..the sweater pumpkins are fabulous!! how fun!!

  35. I just came from Marty and she's right; you have the most awesome blog and I'm so happy to be here. So nice to meet you Sonny. I am also your newest follower..I'd love to invite you to come over and visit me too..only if you wish and have some time.
    Your sweater pumpkins are gorgeous and the little round piggie is the cutest!..such talent. The baby picture you did is amazing! You are a lady of many talents, wow!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  36. Hi Sonny. LOVE your sweater pumpkins! They look so great all grouped together. BTW - I see that you live in Lexington - I'm in Greensboro. I found your blog through your feature at Marty's. Nice to "meet" you!

  37. These are just so comfy and cozy! I wish I could be a sweater pumpkin. Thanks for joining my Sonny.

  38. Glorious pumpkins... ;-) I LOVE them. I've seen them around too, but hadn't thought to make any for myveryownself. Maybe next year I'll get to that. I've been going to make the velvet ones forEVER... Yeah... you guessed it....... SOMEDAY! But I finally did make little birdies for my tree.. I'll be posting them as soon as I can fine a moment.

    Hope all is well with you and yours...


    PS......are you going to do a pumpkin tute???


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