Monday, December 12, 2011

SantaSonny has Snowmen

Hi There , Ya'll
 I got a little bar scape done in my kitchen so I could participate with Marty at ~A Stroll Thru Life
 It was soooooooo cold today in NC and we definatly needed some hot chocolate, heavy on the mini marsh mellows and a peppermint stick never hurts either,,it was soooooo good.
The cup cakes are called Hummingbird Cake. There are about 20 different recipes if you type that into google. If you like a fruity, spicy cake, this ones for You.
 I was going through a few of the Christmas containers and found a little quilt I had bought off season- washed and put away in my snowman container. It was the perfect thing to sit all my goodies on.

Not sure if you can see them well but those are black with white polka dot cupcake holders.. I love those. It makes even a bad cupcake taste good.. well ok- are there any bad cupcakes? my Hips say NOOOO..

I used a tiny tree in the kitchen with just a bow- a few berries from my holly bush and a red bow.

We love hot chocolate. I make it with real scalded milk and hersheys syrup.  Then we just let the peppermint stick melt in it a little.. This almost makes the cold of winter worth it...
 I sure wish ya'll could have been here with us, but no worries, we can have the cocoa ready in minutes if you decide to pop in for a visit. I keep a cake of some kind baked all season and usually some cookies too.
 See that handsome fella holding the snow sign over his head.. He looks so happy about that idea, but I am not. I cant drive in snow and I have lots left to drive around and do.

 I hope you enjoyed your visit. We are always tickled to have you here and look so forward to your visits.
Merry Christmas-- Stay Safe-- Come back often and God Bless Us, Every ONE~! 
can ya tell I adore Tiny Tim? well, I do.


  1. Hi Sonny...

    I love snowmen...and your guys are sooo adorable! Love your pretty "hot cocoa" station! You're right, the quilt is perfect with this pretty setting! Mmmm...sure wished I were there to help you drink a cup of that yummy cocoa, my friend!

    Warmet Christmas Wishes,

  2. Love your kitchen vignette. It makes me want some hot cocoa. I bought some mini marshmellows to fill a few mugs with but I have not put them out yet.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my computer problems. Hopefully it will get straightened out soon.

  3. How sweet and yummy Sonny! Wish we were a tab closer, I would be right over. Looks very pretty!

  4. Oh my gosh Sonny that looks sooooo cute!!! Love the snowmen and that hot coco looks gooood!! Martina

  5. This vignette is really wonderful, Sonny! So sweet and inviting. I would love a cup of cocoa with you right now!

  6. Sonny, this is the cutest vignette! The snowmen are adorable! What a lovely addition to your kitchen. Who could resist a cup of cocoa in this setting? This is Christmas perfection!

  7. This looks so good. I love hummingbird cake. One of my favs especially this time of year. Now I need to make one.

  8. That hot chocolate looks so good, Sonny! Love your snowmen! We had flurries a couple of days ago and it looked so pretty. Thankfully, it was short lived and didn't stick! That's the snow I like best. : )

  9. This looks so warm and cozy, Sonny! I'd love to pop in for some hot cocoa and a cupcake {or two!!}. I love your pretty quilt and the snowmen!

    I hate to drive in the snow, too. Thankfully it is just city traffic here. Anything else and I'd rather stay home!

    Happy Holidays, Sonny!


  10. Sonny,

    I love your snowman vignette. Just charming!!

  11. Oh I want some of that chocolate marshmallows right now, Sonny. They look so good. And I love your snowmen, they look so cuddly. Great vignettes!...Christine

  12. A perfect combination, Sonny -- fantasy snowmen who won't melt) and hot cocoa! It looks so inviting and warms my heart! Annie

  13. What a cute vignette! I don't have something to share at Marty's as I am having a lunch on Wed. so won't post my tabl;e til tomorrow night, probably. Now I want some hot chocolate! With marshmallows! And, I never had a candy cane in it so am going to try that too!!!! XO, Pinky

  14. OK girl pass me a mug and give me a cupcakes..looking great my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  15. What a fun and festive vignette you created there Sonny! Everything looks so yummy!!!! My grandsons would love that hot cocoa.

    Have a wonderful day,

  16. Honey I am on my way over right now for some of those yummy looking cupcakes. Gosh darn you have got me wanting one right now....hahaha
    Sitting here in awe again of your home and decorations. Just so lovely.
    I keep asking myself why oh why can't I be like Sonny.
    Love ya honey

  17. You have the most inviting set up over there! I would love a cupcake, please! :) I'm in NC too, but I think it's too warm still. I'm coastal though, so maybe you're more Eastern?

  18. Sure wish we could sit down, eat a delicious cupcake, drink some hot chocolate and visit. I've been catching up on your posts this morning. Love, as I do every year, your Christmas decorations. You do such a great job putting every detail together. Love the hint about the candy cane in hot chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate mint?

    Our computer died - yeah, LOL, before Christmas and our vacation to Colorado to add one more expense to the list. It was interesting being out of commission for awhile. I've just this morning been able to use our new computer after all the hoop-la-la of purchasing and setting up a new one. I'm back in business and love the faster speed, larger monitor, yada yada.

    Hopefully, we will post soon. The efforts of my Thankful Tree never made it to my camera so I need to get busy. Big, big squeezy hugs as always. Marla

  19. Totally gorgeous, Sonny. I love the snowman and all the wonderful details. So, so inviting!


  20. Off topic -- You probably don't remember Tip-Toe-Through-The-Tulips-Tiny-Tim who married Miss Vicki on the Johnny Carson's Tonight show. If you do, you probably try not to:)

  21. Oh how cute is this. I love your showman and your vignette is so pretty. How perfect for some wonderful hot cocoa. Your cupcakes look fabulous too. Wish I was there. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  22. Sonny, you talked me into it. I've got to go make myself some hot chocolate. I just wish I had such a delightful place to sit and enjoy mine. Your snowmen are so much fun, and that quilt covering the table is such a great idea. I wish I could join you for a cup of hot chocolate and one of those cupcakes with the cute wrappers on it. laurie

  23. That looks absolutely delicious!!!! And your snowman looks so jolly!!!!!

  24. I know this post was for me. I love hot chocolate and mint anything. Just leave off the marshmellows for me please. Never been a fan of those. I have hot chocolate with whipped cream on top instead. Yummy! Looks like you make some yummy hot chocolate, so I wish I was with you to enjoy some now!

  25. Hi Sonny,
    Boy, that hot chocolate sure looks yummy, especially in those adorable little snowmen.
    So inviting ...
    We'd love to have you share at "What's It Wednesday" linky party. Hope to see you there!

  26. I love all your snowmen! I wish I could pop over and have a cupcake and cup of cocoa with you :)

  27. Hi Sonny! What a precious little snowing area you've set up! Brr...but thank you for the hot chocolate! Yum! And just heat water and pour in the packaged powder! I'm missing something I think.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. OH everything looks so pretty and festive. I especially love all the snowmen.

    Cold on Monday and warm on Thursday. I just love North Carolina

  29. Oh Sonny,You are so talented! I just love your vignette.Your snowmen are so cute!Thanks for sharing your lovely home.Merry Christmas! Joann

  30. this is a beautiful site ... how have I missed you all this time?

  31. Oh my goodness, this is just as cute as it can be. You know a snowman wins my heart every time! I love your plate holder with the black and white cupcake holders.. hugs ~lynne~

  32. Very sweet! I believe we all love hot cocoa, especially on a snowy day. The snowman is adorable....very cute vignette. Stay warm1

  33. Sonny! I always appreciate your sweet comments! Have a beautiful weekend.
    be a sweetie,


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