Friday, April 29, 2011

Whats Your Royal Name?? get it here

 I got this in an email and I thought it might be fun for you too..
Site is virus free- checked using avg pro- so its safe:)

Your Royal Name- get it here:)

hope you have fun with it...

Duchess Sonny Duckworth Nicholasskitt of Lexingtonford


  1. Haha! I'm Dame Kathy Lulu Passarettecott of Mount Sinaiburgh. Which I thought was kind of funny, because I'm "LaLa" to my granddaughter and the "Lulu" was close enough! Fun for a Friday morning, Sonny. Thanks for sharing! : )

  2. HaHa! That was fun! I've been doing a few others on FB this one has me as;

    Marchioness Mary Lulu Keelsberton of Chapinburgh

    I'm not exactly sure what a Marchioness is but is sounds quite authoritive! LOL!

  3. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! It gave my husband a middle name of Jeeves:)


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