Monday, March 21, 2011

I ADORE Porches ~!!

It seems like as soon as the weather starts to change I begin to think about my porch and patio, as you may have noticed by my last few posts...giggle

  I always loved my Grandma's side porch but as close as I've ever gotten to it is my patio which on the back side of my Home..  I keep thinking one day I'll figure out how to make a porch out of it.. I've had several carpenters here to look and give me estimates but as yet we havent come up with a style I like that fits my budget..

  For now I'll just live vicariously through these beautiful samples.. I have to admit I CANNOT choose a favorite.  Can You??  if you can would you mind saying why you choose a particular porch in your comment.
I'd love to hear it...

  I love the black railing and the old brick..

I wonder how my brown wicker would look painted black like this... hmmm, thats an idea:)
Marigolds are easy to grow-Right?  and who wouldnt love a fireplace on their back patio...

 I dont have to tell ya'll how much I love a country porch... hmm I am seeing my front porch like this in my dreams...
These shutters make my heart sing... I could sit out here day or night..

The stripe on these valances really draws the eyes, doesnt it.. 
  I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do.. 


  1. Wow Sonny,

    Hard decision to pick one porch that I really like..they are all gorgeous. I think my favorite is the porch with the fireplace..what a great space! Thanks so sharing!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. Oh I so love the front porch with the rockers. I have always wanted a big old porch like that. Love it. They are all wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  3. These porches are so lovely. I like them all!

  4. I wish I had a porch, too, Sonny. If I had a choice, I'd go with the one with the shutters. I think I'd like to be able to have some privacy if I chose {like for nap time!}. Although I do like the first one, too, with the black railings and brick floor.

  5. Our 150 farmhouse has no doubt seen many changes over it's life. At some point, I suspect it had a lovely porch which was later converted into a sun room. We have the option of converted it back, or trying to find space for a porch elsewhere and keeping the oh so useful and practical sun room which currently has hundreds of seeds growing in it! What to do, what to do!

  6. I love every one of them! The first one is pretty amazing though! The bistro set is not my style, but everything else is fabulous!!

  7. I always dreamed of a screened in porch remembered from my childhood. It was large and had a cement floor. I could skate there when it rained. Finally an opportunity presented itself to revisit that home and this huge porch I remembered was actually very small:) Maybe someday I can have the porch I remembered it to be and not the one it actually was.

  8. Hi Sonny! I've been a follower of your blog for a while, and felt it was high time to leave you a comment.
    I adore porches, too. Porches are the perfect location for sipping tea, enjoying the gentle warmth of a spring morning, and admiring the delicate beauty of a lovingly tended planter garden.
    You've shared some wonderful examples. I love them all. My favorite would have to be your first inspiration picture. I love the soft red brick walls coupled with the classic herringbone pattern on the floor. There's such an eclectic mix of materials, with the iron railing, elegant coach-style sconces, traditional, round, white columns and rustic wood beams.
    The space beckons me to sit, stay and surrender to its tranquil beauty. And isn't that what a porch is meant to do?
    May ALL of your dreams come true, Sonny, one design at a time...

  9. I love the country porch the best. It won't be in my future -- I will make a smaller contribution to beauty and relaxation with our patio and tiny front porch, but it cheers me to see photos like these! Thank you! Annie

  10. Sonny these porches are divine!! I would love to sit and visit on any one of them!

  11. Sonny what a beautiful collection of pictures you have showed us. Certainly very hard to choose when all of them are lovely. I am surprised that I have picked the first one over the country porch. It just has a way of calling you to come and sit and enjoy. I love the beams and the wroght iron.
    I was looking at your brown wicker and I love it as much as the black.
    Sonny I can not thank you enough for the comment you left me this morning. It actually lifted me and made me feel better. Isn't it wonderful to be blessed with friends like you. I so appreciate you

  12. I love them all. All so different and so wonderful.

  13. I love porches too, and I love all of these you've shared. I have to say that, since I love beams, that first photo really grabbed me. I want that porch, but with the brick fireplace, those great shutters, and your wicker furniture! Sounds like the perfect porch to me. Thanks for so much inspiration. Hugs, laurie

  14. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed them all. My favorite is the one with the shutters. carolann@

  15. We are totally front porch peeps. We love to hang out there, have a coffee, beer whatever suits us at the time...Hope all is well Sonny. I laughed so hard at your comment about Prince. Girl, he still gots it to me:) XO

  16. I only have a teeny tiny porch...and I have always longed for a Southern wrap-a-round with white rockers. I guess you can figure out which picture is my favorite!

  17. Hi Sonny! Great looking porches and I'm thrilled to death you'll be coming to my party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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