Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cloche To the Wine at the Holidays

I got home just in time to put a vignette together so I could participate in Marty's Cloche party...
you'll find lots of beautiful cloche posts here>>Cloche Party ~ come See ~!!

I want bore ya'll with text, especially when I know you have so many lovely vignettes to see at the party..

Happy Holidays and as always, Thank you so much for visiting me... I love having you here...
 I have a music theme on my tree as you'll see in the photos after the cloche photos lol... So I decided to use the same ribbon...
My little carolers are standing close by guarding the cupcakes..  Somehow I dont think their large or mean enough to keep my hubby out of them.. They are double fudge with marshmellow centers... he has a weakness for those..
I hope you dont mind if I add some of my family room photos here.. I'm not sure how many times I have a chance to post in the coming weeks and I still have several rooms to show you...

I made almost all my ornaments myself so this tree took me awhile..

Thank you so much for taking time of of your day to come and visit me and allow me to share my home and holiday decor with you.. I know we're all busy and you being here means so much to me..
Happy Holidays and Hugs to All...


  1. Hi Sonny! Lovin' your tree, it turned out beautiful! Your dessert vignette is pretty and I wouldn't mind being cloche to the wine right now either-enjoy:@)

  2. Very pretty Sonny, the colors and decorations. Love the tree too..have a great week :D

  3. Wine and chocolate..move over hubby..those watchful carolers don't have a chance, do they?..LOL! Very entertaining vignette. I really love your tree though! I have been waiting to see it. I remember you talking about doing a music theme this year. You really did a beautiful job on that it so pretty! I love it all!

  4. Oh, the wine and chocolate vignette is to die for! I'm so wishin' I was at your house right now. My feet up, wine in one hand cupcake in the other, admiring that gorgeous tree. Lucky You!!!

  5. I'm in awwwwww Sonny. You made all of those ornaments? You are awesome! The music bow is really cute too. Loved the chocolate and wine, and the carolers were pretty good too!

  6. Oh I love your musical theme. Your tree is just stunning. The goodie table is perfect with the cloche and the cupcakes look wonderful. Your hurricanes are beautifully decorated also. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Sonny! Oh, my goodness, you sure can make pretty! I love your cloches and the vignette with the wine glasses - gorgeous! I love your Note Songs ribbon!! Your mantle is gorgeous and you made all those ornies? You are amazing.
    I mentioned you in my last post. You remember when you found that little chest and painted it? I wanted one and found one this summer. I spray painted it and used it in a little Christmas vignette.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh Sonny...your music tree turned out so pretty. I love that theme. You sure were diligent to get all those ornies done!!

  9. Sonny, those cupcakes sound yummy. I love your tree with your homemade ornaments. They are fantastic. The tree looks like it belongs in store, so pretty. Great vignettes, too. I love the music printed ribbon!

  10. Well, this is just absolutely beautiful, Sonny.
    I love everything you've done here. Especially lovin' the wine and chocolate cupcakes..:))
    I also love the ribbon you are using. Special order?
    Sure looks beautiful at your sweet cottage.

  11. So pretty! I love that music ribbon! and your tree is gorgeous. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Oh, I'm envious of your beautiful tree. I love the musical theme!!! That combined with the white is stunning, just stunning. I'm so glad you linked to Marty's party but I'm so glad, also, that you posted your family room photos. Love every detail, you did good girlfriend :)

  13. Oh Sonny, what a beautiful tree. I LOVE that ribbon, and you've used it so beautifully. Your cloche looks pretty, and let me just say, those sweet little carolers would not be able to keep me away from that delicious looking chocolate! laurie

  14. Sonny, I don't know where to start....everything is just so beautiful! You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day,

  15. Hi lovely lady,
    How did I miss your post? your Christmas Tree is so Beautiful!! you have a eye for design sweet lady it would make Martha Steart BLUSH ~~
    Im your newest follower on your Blog, Thanks so much for your lovely comment on one of my Tablescapes. I hope you have a Merry Christmas sweet lady ! come see my new Tablescapes Thanks.

  16. Everything is just beautiful.
    Your cloches and your tree- oh my goodness.
    Tell us about making the decorations!

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  17. Gorgeous!!! The tree is especially beautiful.

  18. Hi there i just discovered your blog and became a follower. I just love your tree. We had a Pom when I was a teenager. He was so adorable just like yours!!

  19. Oh Sonny honey now I really am sorry I did not do my big tree this year because your home is just beautiful. I could stay here for an hour awing over your decorations. How long did it take you honey to make all these beautiful things. Just lovely.
    Thanks for sharing with us

  20. Beeeaaauutiful!! I love love everything! What a wonderful thing to do to make the ornaments:) Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  21. Sonny,
    I love your wine vignette. The ribbon is so cute. I really love your tree and mantel. You did a gorgeous job on those. Very nice.

  22. Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my Giveaway! My husband will be drawing the winner today!

    I love all the gorgeous decorating touches in your photos! The double fudge cupcakes sound heavenly!

    Nita Jo

  23. Sonny, your tree is gorgeous. I really like the soft feeling from the muted tones. And your ribbon is just divine.

  24. Your tree is soooo pretty. I love how many ornaments you have !


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