Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Colors for My Tea Cart

Hi Folks...
   I found a new tea pot~ cream n sugar and 4 cups for only $3.75 in the perfect shade for Fall..
 I have to admit I just don't do traditional fall colors as well as cool colors.. But I've seen ya'lls and I wanted to give it a try.. I plan to give this whole scape to my neighbor for her entryway as her husband's birthday party is saturday.. This will help her since all she has to do is, sit it in place.. You know how it is when you have a party in your home.. There are always more to do than you thought there would be  ..

I'm participating in several parties.. Please click on the links below to see all the amazing posts their participants have made...
Thank you Ladies for Hosting these lovely parties for us..

 I have to tell the truth about this scape.. I did'nt do it alone. I had a partner who scrutinized every move I made.. We have come to the conclusion that when the toile pillow comes out of its storage container and gets tossed on the love seat,there is no way we can get her off of there..   She is so good about listening to what she's told~ unless Pit Boss is on and then  "she will not be moved" lol
see what I mean :) She's supervising and letting me know if each floral is put in the correct position.. What a slave driver ....
By standing on my tip toes I managed to get a few shots without her in them.. This didnt go over too well.
  I think several folks asked if I was using Birdseed in my candle holders and YES I am.. I figured it made good filler for several of the scapes I planned to do and when I'm done the birds will be able to Feast..
In this shot her favorite pup on Pit Boss is on the screen, so that has her attention for a few minutes..

 Oh yes he must be on as in the next shot the tv has her full and undivided attention..
I just got lucky that her fur happens to be the right color for this scape.... oh my goodness- is this how my brain works..  lol

  I want to thank each of you for visiting me.. As I expressed to another blogger today, its crossed my mind that perhaps I should close my blog as I dont feel I have the time to do everything I should.. I would love to visit and respond to each of you and yet the time to do so just doesnt exist in my real life.
  I do try to visit as many of those who leave comments as I can as well as those blogs who have supported me from the beginning.. Yet , there are only so many hours in a day and Family and Work also deserves my time..
  I hope you all know I do care about you and that you are very appreciated..
Happy Fall


  1. Noe, that is one darling dog! A perfect for Fall kind of dog! Your set up there makes me feel all calm and fall dreamy! :D

  2. Beautiful tea set and lovely table. So inviting for guests.

  3. Oh what a bargain you got on the tea set...the color is just beautiful!!! Your pom is so cute...I've always wanted a little dog...sometime when I'm older...we have a border collie now-that's my hubbies favorite breed! Anyway gorgeous tea setting! Hope you keep blogging..I too don't make it around to everyone either, but try to visit as often as I can! I know you have left me some sweet comments in the past and I do appreciate it! Have a great week!!

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  4. Well I would sure miss you Sonny. Just come when you can and don't worry about it...but please leave your beautiful blog up for inspiration and smiles.....What a cute table scape. What a bargain on the tea set. I love your dog, the fact that you had a supervisor helper on this project was priceless.

  5. That tea set is cute-great price! I'm sure your neighbor will enjoy it too! A bloggy friend once told me "I do it for fun and do it when I can, it's not a job":@)

  6. Sonny, I hope nobody expects you to reply to every comment. None of us have the time to do that unless there is no other life. I love, love, love, that set and the luscious color of it. Your doggie is adorable.

  7. Your dog is darling. I just do not know who could respond to every comment. I am retired but still I have many obligations. Do the best you can. The tea set is a splendid color. bighugs♥olive

  8. I NEED that color stoneware in my kitchen!! Love it. Your pup is just the cutest and seriously, could you do your work and be happy without that little ball of fur hanging around to applaud your every decor move? Probably not.:)

    I was at TJ Maxx today and was thinking about you. I'm looking for a pedestal type of server to put a blingy pumpkin on and thought about how you always find the best stuff when you are out junkin. Went home with a frog sleeper sized 3T so you know that isn't for me... so my pumpkin is still in process.

  9. Please don't close your blog, just let go of the worry to respond all the time. That's what I've been doing! I would miss you and your beautiful posts even if they were fewer and further between. This little tea set is so cute, where on earth did you find such a good deal? The color is great and does match your helper perfectly! LOL! :))

  10. Oh I always look forward to your wonderful teascapes. This one is so perfect for fall. Your floral arrangement is just fabulous and I love the beautiful yellow in your pretty teaset. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. I think this is just beautiful! Even the little doggie matches! Great tea set and price on it!! How sweet of you to give it to your neighbor, she will be thrilled!

    I have the same thoughts about blogging. The comments are causing problems, with those who don't get them, and those who don't have time for them. Wish something could be done about that.


  12. Beautiful tablescape and what a bargain!
    Your little dog is just precious. Isn't it amazing how the show up every time the camera comes out? What would we do without them?
    Don't worry about comments, we all understand.

  13. Beautiful Fall setting Sonny. You have a beautiful home.

  14. Great setting Sonny and what a find that teapot and cups are!! Your dog is a darling :)


  15. Gorgeous tablescape and your little pom is precious Ü

  16. Hi Sonny...

    Ohhh my...what a lovely autumn tea, my friend! I love, love, LOVE IT!!! Love that pretty yellowy gold teapot and cup set! I would love to have one just like it! Your autumn floral arrangement is gorgeous, Sonny! Your neighbor friend is going to adore this beautiful autumn tea set up in her entry. That's so sweet and thoughtful of you!

    Girlfriend, I just loved peeking over your pretty tea at your little helper! How adorable! Ohh, and I cracked up when you said that you were so glad that her fur coordinated with your tea! I LOVE IT!!! That is too cute!!! (Hey, I completely understand though!)

    Well my friend, I just wanted to encourage you about your blog! I always, always enjoy my visits to your place! Please don't stop blogging! I can imagine the struggle of trying to get everything done...especially when you work! I think everyone is really good about understanding this! Anyway, I for one...would really miss you if you were to stop blogging! But the bottom line you enjoy blogging? If so, make the time, my friend! Everyone deserves a little time to persue a few things that they enjoy! You owe yourself that much!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  17. Your fall display is beautiful! Love the arrangements and tea set!!

  18. Lovely tea set and your helper is adorable.
    It looks like Fall has arrived at your home.
    Great bargains to boot.

  19. That tea set is so pretty! You do a wonderful job with fall. Everything is lovely.

  20. Dearest Sonny,

    I am so delighted to have you partake with my little corner of, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Tea Time In Blogland' once again dear lady!..,

    Wow!.., I am 'blown away with delight' and your oh-so-fresh Autumnal breezes of your cheerfully, elegant, Fall 'tea-scape' Sonny!..,

    Your post with the rich hues of Autumn and that fabulous, butter yellow tea set is the stuff tablesape enthusiasts 'dreams are made of' my friend!.., Really, beyond delightful!

    Thanks so much for sharing this Autumnal fabulousness with all of us!..,

    My Wednesday teaparty is now up if you'd care to share another 'cuppa'; I'm so delighted to have been able to post some pics of when my dear friend Pam of,'Breath Of Fresh Air', blog recently visited!..,

    Have a marvelous week!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  21. Here you are being sweet again. What a nice thing to do for your neighbor. That tea set is beautiful. I love the color, and I love the shape of the pot. I am laughing about your puppy watching the dog on Pit Boss! Too cute! I once had a dog who loved the whistled tune at the beginning of The Andy Griffith Show. That was before we were able to record t.v. shows, so we never missed an episode, just because it was so much fun to watch that dog when it came on!

    Thank you for your visit to my blog. PLEASE don't even think about shutting down your blog. I would miss it soooo much. I know exactly what you are saying about not being able to visit all of the blogs. Don't worry about having to visit my blog. I'll still come see what you've been creating on your blog.

    You asked about the woven placemats on a recent post of mine. I have had those for several years, and I have no recollection of where I purchased them. Thank you so much for your very kind comment, and I do wish I could remember where I got those mats! laurie

  22. After writing you a novel, I realized that I forgot to tell you that your header is gorgeous. laurie


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