Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dreamin' in Shades of Yellow

 I've noticed lately that while I dont go looking for it, I seem to come across and like Yellow.
 Some yellow I am living with and other yellow I am still dreaming of as I havent yet decided to purchase.
So lets begin with my Dreamin' items...
This bedding keeps calling my name. I have a similar toile quilt in pale green, maybe I could just add some accessories. I'm participating in MYM, be sure to click on the link and see all the Yellow pretties others have posted..
Here is a pillow I have gone back to view about 50 times. Way over my budget but its beautiful and I keep trying to figure out a way to duplicate it..
I have these dishes and use them often in different seasons for my tablescapes .

I ordered these last thursday, so I am hoping by wednesday of this week, they'll arrive.

I think theres a pale yellow french tray on top of the fridge that I totally forget about but I can save it for next monday.
Thanks for visiting and coming along with me for my yellow Dreamin'
 I'll let you know what I decide about the bedding and pillow.


  1. Yes, yes and a double yes to that dreamy bedding! Sonny yellow just goes with so much, and make you feel so good when you look at it...we have it everywhere in our home....I just never tire of it!~

  2. Oh I love yellow too. I am more drawn to it all the time too. It just seems so bright and cheery. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Debbie.. as I said lately I am drawn to yellow.. My blog background is actually my wall color ~relaxed khaki by sherwin williams. Do you think the brighter yellows go with that ok. I have noticed the really golden tones dont. What do you think?
    So glad to see you here..

  4. Hi Marty.. always so nice to see you. I'll be getting my table ready for tuesday:-) really enjoying your weekly party and others are too.
    thank you for hosting for us.

  5. Very beautiful post...creative yellowness of art.

  6. I love all those things you are dreaming of too. I really love that bedding.

  7. What great dishes you ordered! I love that bedding too - so cheerful. Blue and yellow is a favorite color combination of mine. laurie

  8. Perfect post! I'm in the middle of planning a redo for our summer home bedroom, and I'm definitely going to keep this post saved for future reference/inspiration! I especially love that bird pillow! TFS!

  9. That bedding looks so comfy and beautiful. There's nothing better than a great bed.

  10. Sonny, you have such a good eye! It's all lovely, from the bedding to the dishes!
    xoxo Pattie

  11. Love ur yellow collections, im starting to love yellow now...just that pastel yellow color..

  12. Sonny,
    Love the bedding and what cute dishes! Yellow is all thtoughout my home. Love it!

  13. Hey sonny I've been missing you as I'm having computer problems. I do love hou you dream in colors.

  14. it all. Some colors fade with time, but yellow is just like a pure feeling of sunshine after a long gray winter. Enjoy!


  15. aww:-) it was so nice of all of you to come and visit me. I so appreciate YOU and your comments.
    I think I will try to start adding dashes of yellow here and there for spring and summer. After the dreary winter we've had here in NC I am sure ready for bright and cheerful.
    Wishing all of you a Superb, Healthy and creative week...
    (((My Blogger Pals)))
    ~ Sonny ~

  16. I have a blue and yellow spare bedroom in our home, Sonny. I used a blue and yellow toile in drapes and the bedding was a really good find from Walmart a few years ago {not a toile but a blue and creamy yellow}. I love the bedding pictured in that first picture.

  17. the bedding is beautiful
    so are the pale simple dishes
    I love pale yellow

  18. I'm drawn to yellows too. The bedroom set is very pretty, and color coordinated.

  19. my baby loves yellow too :) ill use this as an inspiration when we'll create her own bedroom :)

    u may view mine here


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