Sunday, February 7, 2010

Suzanne's Bedroom Makeover~So Beautiful

 I am so proud to post her Makeover for you all to see. It really is a Miraculous Transformation.
 I'm adding what she has to say about this contest win and process.. There are also caption under her photos on the RMS link.. On the Designers link you'll find out about Suzanne winning the makeover. Since all that is in different writing i wont bore ya'll with alot of text from me, except to say what a beautiful room is it and how happy I am for her.... Congrats Suzanne on your win and Kudo's for all the hard work you and your hubby did to make this all come together...
I'm joining Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday
In her own words- below
"I’ve always wanted the help of a professional designer and my dream came true when I WON a bedroom makeover from Susan Taylor of Black-eyed Susan’s in Yardley, PA. I had been visiting her store and following her blog for a while and grew to love her style. She spent a lot of her (free) time w/ me giving me ideas for other projects in my first house when I would walk in there armed w/ photos and swatches. Then one day while shopping in there, I bought a ticket to win a makeover! Redoing my bedroom wasn’t first on my list of to-do’s…until I bought that raffle ticket and won it. Smile Though she was willing to change which room we tackled (my living room is still unfurnished!), I thought it best to stick with what I won…the “bedroom” makeover. Oh, she threw in the master bath design, too…which was a nice surprise on top of it all. (And a necessity. Couldn’t leave that room w/ out even a coat of paint on the walls, could we?)
I'll be blogging her bath in a seperate post..
Being still so indecisive about what I wanted, I spent countless hours gathering inspiration pictures from blogs and from the members on the HGTV message boards (without telling them, except a select few, why) before it finally clicked…there was one home in Susan’s portfolio that I couldn’t stop thinking about and looking at. I asked for that color palette and we ran w/ it.

The prize included her design services, and painting. We ,my husband and I, did a lot of the work ourselves: painting furniture, etc. – I found some things in consignment and antique shops, craigslist and e-bay..Thanks very much to my HGTV PM buddies who watched a lot of the progress and special thanks to Sonny for making my photos look the best that they could be. Smile"
 And now for the best part~~ the photos.. When you go to the link I'm posting you'll see paint color she used and where she answered other questions you might like to know...
 Here are some links for more photos and Suzanne's own captions.. She also answered many question for folks on RMS as to which items she purchased and from what sourse. Her paint colors is also there..
RMS - As of today, I am #6 in the top-rated for this month AND All time
 Susan Taylor of Black-eyed Susan Interior designs
Picassa link-- also with Suzanne's captions.
See, I told you~B E A U T F U L.. The plates, mongramed chair and pillow, wall color, birdies and art.. This is truly a DREAM room and I hope you all enjoyed seeing it..
  Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me.. Come back often, I love having company..
If you have a moment, please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to respond as I want ya'll to know how appreciated you are and that I do read your words..
Brighest Blessings


  1. Sonny,
    I gave your beautiful bedroom a 5* on RMS. This space is peaceful and elegant. It turned out lovely, and I'm sure you will enjoy it for many years. I have the same plates in yellow, which are hanging on my dining room wall.
    Thank you for posting my giveaway button, it's been wonderful meeting so many new bloggers.

  2. I am so proud of Suzanne for the beauty she created in this bedroom. The decorator is wonderful, but it was Suzanne's vision that the decorator helped bring to life. My hat if off to that team for all their hard work. It paid off with the very best bedroom a woman could ask for.

  3. Thank you so much Cathy, I know Suzanne will be thrilled you visted and rated her so well. It is a lovely room and I dont blame her a bit for being proud of it.. You are so welcome for the link cathy.. I know you'll be getting lots of new followers who will enjoy seeing all the beauty of your home as well as great design advise from your tutorials.
    Marla, they all worked so hard to make this dream come true....I am thrilled for her and honored to be able to show it off to as many folks as I can..

    Thank you both so much for visiting me..

  4. Sonny, this is absolutely beautiful-serene, elegant, and dramatic in a fabulous way. Kudos to all
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Hi Sonny! How beautiful! I love everything - the wall color, the furniture, or it's so peaceful and lovely!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. What a fabulous room, it's beautiful and my favorite color, blue! Cindy

  7. So pretty - love those plates and those colors !

  8. I saw this bedroom on RMS it is gorgeous, I love everything about it!! NICE job!!~

  9. Sonny, thank you so much for all of YOUR hard work with putting together my photos and for blogging my room. I am so grateful and proud to call you my friend. Thanks everybody else for your VERY kind comments and ratings on RMS. Tee-hee...i'm so tickled. :-) I really don't know what else to say but....Thanks bunches!
    (aka suziemaus)

    P.S. I'm sure Susan (Taylor) will be honored to see this also. I hope others will visit her blog and website. I better warn her...she may just become famous out here in blogland...LOL.
    Wow, sonny...your blog list is growing FAST. Congrats!

  10. Pretty room. Lots of nice, creative touches.

  11. That bed is simply gorgeous. Congratulations! :)

  12. wow suz your room is the greatest! the colors, the moldings, the chandy and mirror, the beautiful furniture and of course your desk and chair are my absolute favorite! what a wonderful thing it is to win a makeover! i know you're loving it everytime you walk in and see it's relaxing beauty! thanks sonny for sharing this with us. i love visiting your blog and i'm here every chance i get!

  13. Beautiful. love those plates above bed, even thought they r the same color as the wall i like the texture they bring.. Love the monogram chair too...

  14. OMGosh it's gorgeous. I love the color palette you've chosen.

  15. i am so happy for you suz. the photos are wonderful sonny. a beautiful bedroom for a beautiful person

  16. Its so nice to see these lovely comments about Suzanne's bedroom. Thank you all for visiting my blog..
    I'm trying to get a tray/table maybe Counter Scape ready for tommorrow, so I hope you'll come back and visit me then..
    Brightest Blessings and thanks again for joining me on OUR design journey.
    ~ Sonny ~

  17. Such a beautiful room. I love the headboard and the plates. So pretty. The soft colors and all the wonderful accessories really make the space. Hugs, Marty

  18. I love the plates too Marty.. I'm working on my own bedroom makeover and I'm thinking I may combine some pencil art and plates over my bed too. thanks so much for stopping by..
    Hugs and happy thoughts


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