Saturday, February 27, 2010

SnickerCake~Sweets for the Sweet~!

I said last week when I posted my poppy seed cake that I'd try to get back with my husband's Snicker cake, this week..
He does most of the baking but even I can do this one, as its easy as pie- um I mean Cake:-)  I didnt actually have time to bake so I just made a cute tag for this recipe..
1...Choose any Chocolate cake mix- or your favorite from scratch chocolate cake. This can be done as  cupcakes but a sheet cake is really the best option-9x13.. Mix and bake according to directions.
2... While the cake is still warm~using a skewer:: we use a chop stick saved from when we had japanese food:: poke holes approx. every inch in the cake. Wiggle the skewer around gently, you want holes about the size of a no. 2 pencil.
3... Using a double boiler~melt 3 Snicker Bars and 1 tub of premade icing.. DO NOT BOIL, just melt, till pourable. Some of my friends who tried this said you could do this melting in the microwave, so if you;re familiar with doing such things that way, go ahead. He always uses the double boiler method.
4... Pour this on top of your cake very slowly or keeping it mixed, spoon over the cake. Try to make sure the chunkier parts of your icing are evenly distributed, so everyone gets some of the nuts and caramel from the snicker bars.. Allow to cool, cover and refridgerate for about an hour.
Thats it Folks~! Cant you just taste all that chocolate in different textures, Smooth , crunchy, caramely,lol
 I hope you enjoy it as much as we do..
Thanks for stopping by...We always enjoy your company and your comments.


  1. Snicker cake No way!! I love snickers so how in the world could this be bad?

  2. Sonny, do you have any idea how dangerous this could be?? YUM!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Sonny-
    Your blog is gorgeous. Thank you for visiting mine, so I was able to find yours.
    I am now a follower, and I will be back.


  4. That sounds so delicious! My hubby loves snickers so maybe I'll try this out for his birthday.

  5. Snickers is one of my all time favorites, especially when I'm needing comfort food. I'm definitely going to try this recipe.

  6. Me again. What flavor icing tastes best on this cake?

  7. Hi Ya'll.. so glad to read you like this recipe..
    Marla, he always uses chocolate but I see no reason why you couldnt use cream cheese or german chocolate icing. Just whatever you have a taste for should work. What flavor did you have in mind?

  8. Pretty picture up there. :)

    Even better recipe. Thanks, sonny. I'm hungry for something sweet! I just asked Mr. Maus to go downstairs to make a Betty-Crocker chocolate cake. (Too bad we have no snickers in the house. And too bad he probably wont make the cake, either.)

  9. girrlllll that receipe sound divine! i luv me some chocolate. maybe kourtney and i can try this next saturday. i'll let you know how it turns out. you know me and "cooking" are not the best of friends so maybe i'll read the directions to kourtney while she does the baking! lol hmmmmm now you just need to come up with an easy peasy desert using my fav...peanut M&M's. thanks so much for the reciepe....oh and i love how you've changed the top of your blog! perfect!!

  10. Sonny I have something special for you at my blog, please go pick it up!

  11. oooh-oooh! sonny got an award! :-) That's so sweet, debbie!
    Guess what? He DID make a cake last night. Can you believe it? Wasn't chocolate, but all i had to do was put the idea in his head. :)

    Have a great day!

  12. oh my goodness. I got an award, me? Moi? wow..
    I'll pick it up and post as oon as I play on my sample blog about correctly posting those links to others blogs. I never get that right.. Thanks so much Debbie~!!! I am thrilled.. wooohoooo

  13. Oh my my that cake sounds ooey gooey scrumptious. I love snickers and I love cake. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me and easy to boot. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Not on the diet, but what the heck.

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