Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Apple Green Holiday Dining~2009

~Christmas Dining 2009~
Sharing last years holiday dining decor at Chari's Sunday favorites party..
Sunday Favorites @Happy To design
During the season we have several small groups here to enjoy the season with us and I like for them to have a pleasant visual while they enjoy their meals.
  Next week I'll be moving on to my blue holiday table but for now I am enjoying our green and I hope you do to. Thank you all so much for visiting and sharing the joy of our season with us through photos. I'll hush now and just post the eye candy, which I have read is what most folks come to see..  
 Happiest of Holidays-- Brightest of Blessings and  God Bless Us, Everyone...
Tablescape 2 starts here..


May all your holiday wishes come true My Dear Friends. 
~Sonny ~


  1. Eye candy indeed! Your tables look so lovely and abundant. I love the batting as snow- it looks like your tree is floating on a cloud!
    - Meg

  2. thanks so much Meg.. it was so nice of you to visit. Please come back often as I am always doing something around here.. I work at home so during my breaks I decorate:) it keeps me from SHOPPING , giggle.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours..~Sonny~

  3. They are both so pretty, Sonny! I love the houses you used in the first one ~ so softly colored they almost blend in with the "snow" you have in the middle.

  4. Hi Kathy.. Thanks so much.. I was attempting to make a winter wonderland on the house table. Like when you get that powdery snow that gently covers everything. I wish I could have taken a pic when the other lights were off and only the houses were lit but my camera just wouldnt pick it up correctly...
    Merry Christmas~! and thanks for visiting~Sonny~

  5. Oh, your table looks so beautiful! I admire your creativity because you "Christmas Up" your pretties and the end result is both festive and elegant. Love it that you always have cookies out:)

  6. Hi Marla.. Merry Christmas to You and your family.
    thank you so much.. Lemme tell ya those cookies dont last long with Tommy swiping one everytime he comes through.. Next time I do a display I'm gonna put brussle sprouts on the plates lol..

  7. Hi Sonny, I love the touch of toile! Everything is just gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration and Merry Christmas!

  8. I do believe this is my first visit to your blog. Just gorgeous, both tables! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Lorna, food with style and Mimi.. So kind of ya'll to visit and thanks bunches for your nice compliments. I hope you'll come back often. More holiday decor will be added this week. Heck, I may still be decorating Christmas Eve, giggle.
    Merry Christmas to You and your Family~!


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