Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall In many Colors..

 I wanted to share my fall display with you that I did for my monthly card club. We had a great time and it felt so warm and cozy in here compared to the dreary 43 degree , rainy day we were having outside.

   I'm not much of a made from scratch baker so these pumpkin cupcakes were made with a spice cake mix, substitute 1 16 oz can of pumpkin and 2/3's cup of applesause for the oil and water called for in the box directions.  1/2 cup raisins optional:) We love them but some folks dont.

 Thanks for stopping by and Brightest Blessings to you and yours..  
 ~ Sonny ~


  1. I gasped when I saw your blog. It's beautiful!!! Great photography. I jumped on board as a follower so I will get updates on my blogger dashboard of any new posts.

  2. I am tickled pink to see you here Marla.. thanks so much.. I had a great time playing with those displays... Hugs and Happy smiles to you

  3. Sonny! I LOVE this! Can't wait to show my daughter today

  4. Hi Pattie and Allie.. sorry I didnt see your comment till now. Still working on learning this blog thing lol.. ya'll look mighty cute in your photo..
    blessings and big hugs


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