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Rainy Day Reading- My Book review

( Disclaimer-- I paid for every book and would again..)  I recieve ZERO compensation in any shape, form or manner for this Review...
 I know these have been out since 1986 but folks if you haven't read Sue Grafton, you've really missed some fun, interesting reading.    I have to stop myself and get back to work or I'd loose days and sleep cause I cant put her down..  There are 19 books in this series each as good or better than the last.
 I get so into these stories I actually considered taking a Private Investigator course, ROLF..  Yes I dream of being a super slouth out and about gathering clues, information, just making a pest of myself in general and then, against all odds I SOLVE the case , take a deep breath of satisfied contentment, collect me fee and on to the next one..

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 I think any book that makes you consider the subject as an actual career is GOOD READING .. 

Here's just 1 sample of 173 great reviews::

Kinsey Millhone is a hard-boiled, gun-toting, loner--a private investigator who keeps to herself and does whatever it takes to solve her case. I first read this book as a teenager, and Kinsey's toughness and un-sentimentality turned me off (young romantic that I was). Coming back to this series as an adult has given me an appreciation for the character and the genre that I lacked before. What you see is what you get with Kinsey Millhone, and that simplicity is her strength.
This book is not only truly groundbreaking, it is also a plain ol' great mystery. Grafton keeps Kinsey busy interviewing suspects, following leads, and stirring up trouble. Kinsey's work is pretty much her life, and except for the occasional evening with a handsome stranger, you can expect her to stay focused on the case.
Unless you prefer your mysteries soft and cozy, you'll enjoy Kinsey Millhone and her straight-forward approach to crime. Best of all, if you enjoy this one, there are 14 more (so far) to keep you busy.


  1. Love Sue Grafton. Have one of her books on my shelf right now and believe I'll go read it. I too have always wanted to be a super sleuth since my Nancy Drew days:)

  2. Ah well, better late than never... this Sue Grafton is such a great writer to read.. all these alphabet stories can be read solo or together, but the pace of her writing is easy to get into and you know its a story well done.. I discovered her in the 80's and waited avidly for each new book.. so I am up to V now... Happy REading days to all of you, this is one writer than I never put down, and have to read in one go!!!!- I am not paid for this review, I just think she is a great read!!!!111

  3. Thank you again for recommending this series for Rainy Day Reading.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I stopped reading Sue Grafton for some reason but now you've got me heading back for more.

  5. Hi Sonny. I have read quite a few of her books and you are so right, they are great reading and total escapism.

  6. Oh...I am up to L and have actually read most of them out of order and STILL LOOOOVE them. I haven't picked up the next one because I've got things I need to get done...and that wouldn't happen if I had a book to read. :)


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