Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year- New Rental Home

 Happy 2016 Everyone.

 May we all be blessed with good health, joy and PEACE~!

 All my holiday company has gone home.  We had a wonderful time and I am grateful to have been able to spend time with these folks as many of them are getting up in age.

  The decorations are all down and stored away for next year. The house is clean and I'm working on my winter decor.

  I bought a new rental property in early november.  I had it painted throughout and professionally cleaned during december and it goes up for rent the 5th of January.. As with the other 2 I have, this one is listed through a management company so I dont get any phone calls- they do lol.
Great room with gas fireplace, dining area, kitchen with attached laundry section and storage pantry, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths , den/office, nice wooded surroundings, giant size fenced area for dogs to play, seperate fenced in playground and pool..I'd live in it if I didn't already have a place:-)

so on to the fun part-- Photos:-)
 I labeled the rooms so I wont get too wordy about them:)

 I had several gallons of paint left over from other projects so I had the painted use them in this home.

  The management company is going over the 5 applicants and one will be chosen tommorrow.
 They've done well as to who they've chosen for the other 2 homes so I'll leave it in their capable hands..
  I have my eye on 3 other properties but I wont rush into anything till maybe early april.  Then I think 4 will be my limit.  One of them is a foreclosure and dealing with banks and how slowly they move on such things is nerve wreaking lol...  But it does have a major advantage,, PRICE..
 I'd like to have one thats only a 1 or 2 bedroom and advertise it for seniors only.  But , we shall see.

  thanks so looking and as always your comments are sincerely appreciated.

Happy 2016 to us ALL~!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Babies for Christmas UPDATED w/photos

 Hi There~!

I'll be having company for the next 8 days so I won't be posting much.
You all are probably a lot like me, in that you are in Christmas Overload:)
I've seen so many beautifully decorated homes--  crafts to try for next year--
recipes I'll be passing on to my daughter, since she's the best baker
 and just Holiday Galore photos.

Since so many of you have written and asked about Baby Carter- this years Christmas Baby,
I thought I'd let you take a tour of Babies I have made.
I used to sell on ebay but that got to be just too stressful to the point I could barely sleep and rarely ate.. Yes, I am compulsive.
Now I only make Custom Order Babies, each is a One of a Kind. I never duplicate them.

In case anyone is interested in having a baby of their own , you can reach me at::
my email addy  , and we'll discuss it.

warning in advance-- these are custom made- one of a kind and it takes me approx. 6 weeks to make a Baby.  However, they are Lifetime Babies:) so its worth the wait..

For now, I hope you'll enjoy seeing the babies who have already found their Forever Home.

Merry Christmas to each of you ~! May you be blessed with good health, happiness and a Grateful heart.

Merry Christmas and may God Bless Us, Every One

partying with Barb-link below

                                              Everyday Home-Share it one more time

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Home Tour on Dream Lane

 Hi there.

   I wanted to share the rooms I've decorated this year..

I still need to photograph the outside but that'll be a different post as this is rather pic heavy..

 I hope you enjoy your visit here.

 Lets start in the great room. I'll let the photos speak for themselves :-)

 over to the small breakfast nook..

  I'm adding the link to my Christmas Bedroom and my newest baby this year- Baby Carter..
just click on the link to see all my photos of that room..


thanks so much for visiting me... Happiest of Holidays to Each of You and your families.

cozy little house