Friday, January 8, 2016

Winter Wreath Love-which would you choose?

   Since the weather has turned cold here in NC, its put my mind towards a winter wreath for the front door.

   My door is black with pewter hardware , so its rather subtle:)  I feel like I need a little Zing to perk it up..

   I looked at many wreaths for inspiration and these are the ones I choose .  Now of course I'll use different elements and bow colors as it isn't nice to be a total copy cat...

   I'll show ya the door first and then the wreaths I like... I'd love it if in your comment, your say which one you'd choose..

  Next week, I'll show the one I made and let ya know how many votes folks gave to each choice..

here we go...................

now , pretty please, help me decide which wreath would look best..
thanks in advance

see what I mean about rather indented and sorta plain?   so needless to say I need something that will really POP and show up..

   Happy Friday and Have a great weekend...
 I'll be back by tuesday to show my rendition..

 as always thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment..  they make me SMILE