Monday, October 17, 2016

Lola Lacey LaRue' our Maltipoo

 Hi there.

   Its been a busy year for me as I'm sure its been for many of you.

   We lost our precious Buffy St. Marie to cancer and it was heartbreaking.   She's been with us 15 years and her loss left an empty place in our hearts and our home.  I know many of you have also faced this heartbreak so no words can truly express it.

   We still have Greta and Nadia, now 11 years old and thank goodness  happy and healthy, yet, an energy was missing and so we decided since I am home so much, what better place to add a new life to ours..

  I'll let Lola tell you about herself...

  Hi~!  I am a 9 weeks old Maltipoo.  I am already trained to my papers , cause I'm smart like that:-)

  I like my new sister and love my Mom. I sleep right under her desk on my blankie with a couple of toys. My favorite is a little grey elephant and I drag it around all over the house..
  I am loved and cherished..  Life is sweet ~!   I'll be having more photos made and Mom will post them here as I grow..    Maybe I can sneak into a few of the fall decor photos Mom plans to post.
 Thanks for stopping in to meet me. See you again soon..




  1. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. We lost our kitty, almost 20, last year and it was heartbreaking. She was my first baby. It's wonderful to have new life in your home. Enjoy your fluff!! :)

  2. Oh, I hate to hear that you lost your pupster! Your new baby is simply adorable.

  3. What a precious new pup. So sad about the loss of Buffy St Marie. Cancer is horrible in people in animals and we suffer the same when they leave us. Yes, I have a new pup too and she has made me and Slim, my 10 year old dog. both feel lots younger.

  4. Oh so sorry about your loss. But the new puppy is darling and she looks like she is going to be lots of fun.
    I am facing my Waldo not doing to good, he has liver problems so I cook special for him.



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